Oh, Canada: How NBC Has Dropped The Ball In Their Olympic Coverage

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2010

Well the Olympics are reaching its thrilling climax and despite my personal complaints about the cost and the horrible propaganda done by my Canadian government creating expectations for our athletes that were impossible to live up to(I will get to this at the end of the games), I actually have been thoroughly enjoying watching the games.

The massive media conglomerate that is Bell Globemedia has been covering the games beautifully and there is always something good to watch and I can watch anything I want basically like almost every Canadian. This is possible due to a major light-bulb moment by the Canadian provider of the games.


When I want to watch Olympic hockey, the best event of the games, I can look for it on one of the three channels the games are on and find it live. If I want to watch figure skating, curling, biathlon, or any other fringe sport of the games it will be on another channel. LIVE.

Now when I flip over to NBC to see how the Americans are covering the games I am appalled by horribly these games are being shown by this network. Everything is on tape delay and the only thing it has going for it is the corpse of Al Michaels and Bob

I understand the value of tape delays for the Summer Olympics because its in another time zone, but when the games are on the same continent as your network's audience its time to improve your coverage.

The saddest thing that I hope is the last straw is that the major network of the NHL that shows the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals has barely even covered the Olympic tournament, the best hockey you can ever see, and the best event of the Olympics.

They should have learned their mistake, when the United States, who I predicted to win, pulled off the upset and beat the home favourites 5-3 in a classic tilt.

This is one of the biggest stories of the Olympics and you can guess where the game was shown.

MSNBC. The home of the stock tip guy who yells and uses sound effects. I imagine the angry seniors who were outraged that American Greed got pre empted.

Honestly this is the equivalent of the World Cup being on shown on Fox Sports Net. This Olympic Hockey Tournament is turning into one of the best sports events of all time on the level of a great, competitive World Cup, but anyone in the United States needs to troll the Internet for illegal feeds to watch any of it.

NBC, is the worst network on television so this isn't a big shock to me. But I have a solution to this problem.

Put the Olympic games on ABC. They can put events on ESPN, ESPN 2, and their array of sub channels. This would give the Olympic games their broad coverage that it needs, and give all these elite athletes the spotlight they deserve.

90 percent of the athletes in these games will never be heard of again once these games are done and I think that they deserve their time in the spotlight be shown live to everyone all over the world. Not on tape delay or on a Mickey Mouse Networks.

Get these games of NBC and onto a channel that will do it right.