Repost: Battle of The Blogs Fantasy Baseball. 10 Spots Remaining.

Double G SportsCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2010

I've been getting ready for fantasy baseball and came up with this idea for a Battle of the Blogs league. I have set up the league on and would like to invite any bloggers interested in joining. This will be a great way to compete with other bloggers for bragging rights as well as promotes everyone's blog.

I am hoping to get bloggers from all over the country. Below are the details of the league.

Battle of the Blogs Fantasy Baseball League is open to anyone with a blog. Your blog name will be used as your team name.

It will be a 20-team league consisting of four divisions (North, South, East, West). I will attempt to place your team in the most logical division possible. The league will be a head-to-head each category league.

Starting roster spots will be: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, UTIL, 5 SP's (max of six allowed on roster), 5 RP's.  You will also have five bench spots and two disabled list spots. There will be a 13 games started limit for pitchers per matchup.

The scoring categories are as follows.

Batting: AVG., R, SB, K, 2B, HR, RBI, TB, H, BB
Pitching: ERA, WHIP, QS, BAA, K/P, K, W, L, BB, SVHD

All MLB Players are eligible to be drafted. Rosters will lock daily at inividual game times. Free agents will be handled using an auction. Each each team will have a 500-point player acquisition budget for the season. There is no acquisition limit. Waiver process days will be Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Waiver order will be reset each week to Inverse order of standings.

A trade deadline will be Fri. August 13th at 12 p.m. Trades will be reviewed in one day and will need 10 votes to veto.

Each matchup will be a week long and the regular season will last 22 weeks.

8 teams will make the playoffs. Seeding will be determined by regular season record. Tiebreaker will be head-to-head record.

If you are interested in proving you have the knowledge to beat your fellow bloggers, email me or comment below to let me know you would like to be included in this league.

You need to give me your full name, blog name, and link to your blog so I can set you up in the league.

Our draft will be a live online draft scheduled for March 24th at 8pm EST. Draft order is randomized during league creation.  Draft pick trading is allowed.

Email me at if you are interested in being included in this free fantasy baseball league for bragging rights!!

This will be friendly, fun, and competitive. You won't want to miss this!

It's the Battle of the Blogs!