Cubs-Cardinals: St. Louis Should Welcome Back Jim Edmonds

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJuly 4, 2008

Waking up this morning to a beautiful summer day, I was rudely greeting by an article in the paper.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a article basically begging St. Louis Cardinals fans to boo Jim Edmonds during the three-game series between the Cardinals and the Cubs this weekend.

I'll resist commenting on Miklasz, instead reminding Cards fans why we are the best in baseball, and why giving "Jimmy E" anything less then a standing ovation would be a disgrace.

For years, Jimmy gave up his body, throwing himself around center field in Busch Stadium and giving 110% to our organization. He was extremely sucessful for the Redbirds, where he won six Gold Gloves and made three All-Star games. Yet we were always hard on Edmonds, criticizing him for his strike outs or dramatic grimaces.

However, as much as he annoyed us, "Jimmy Ballgame" often came through with a tremendous catch or essential home run. As often as he frustrated fans, Edmonds has provided us so many memories.

Miklasz claims that Edmonds plays for the Cubbies now, that he is some sort of traitor. But fans should remember that his departure from St. Louis was hardly a jumping of the ship.

When he requested a trade last December, the Cardinals were already looking for a suitor. Let's be honest. As much as Jimmy wanted out of town for a fresh start, we wanted him gone in favor or a younger option.

And it's not like he snubbed the Cards for more money, ala Brian Jordan. Edmonds was traded to the Padres, and the Cubs were one of the only teams to offer him a job after his release.

Does he play for a rival? Yes.

Does that make him an enemy? No.

All the time people have conflicting interests. If players like Fernando Tatis can come to Busch Stadium and get a roaring applause, Edmonds deserves the same, tenfold.

Cardinals Nation, we are not doing our club any betrayal by cheering on Edmonds. We are earning our title as the most respectful and intelligent fan base in baseball.

We all know what Jim Edmonds earned during his time in St. Louis. Love, honor, respect, and admiration.

Let's give him what he deserves.