St. Louis Rams, Only room for improvement

Jansyn CraigCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2008

After last year's disappointing season for the Rams, it couldn't get any worse.  This is a bonus to a team that was struggling last year, due to there not being any pressure to repeat a stellar season like the Giants will have to do.

For the Rams all they need to do is to go 4-12, and their season is an   improvement.  They should easily be able to win four games.  They should have four wins in the first half of the season.

This will easily be done if Steven Jackson can get his legs back under him and run for solid yards for 16 games.  They have a great running game and a pretty good passing game, consisting of Marc Bulger throwing the ball to Torry Holt, who can put up great numbers.

The weakness of the past years has been their defense.  The defense has improved slightly, but not enough to challenge for a Super Bowl.  They're still below where they need to be defensively if they want to win.  Over the next few years this could all change, and they could become one of the top teams again.

If they had the defense of a team like Indianapolis, then they could become a dynasty, with their solid offensive attack. But as the saying goes "Offense wins games but defense wins championships." And for St. Louis, there will not be a championship this season.

My prediction is that they will finish 7-9, and tied for second in the division with Arizona.

Seattle will be first with 11-5 record, and will be knocked out in the divisional game like last year.

Last and certainly least will be the San Francisco 49ers. They will finish 5-11 and last in the division.  They are still three years away from the championship team they want to be. By then, Smith will have matured into a quality starter and they'll have an offensive line.

If you have any things you think are wrong put them down and I'll get back to you about your argument.