Elimination Chamber Results

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2010

To my great surprise, the show started off with the Raw Elimination Chamber. John Cena was the first to come out and got a mixed reaction. When he stepped inside the chamber and was locked up, there were the usual “You Suck” chants. Next up was Ted DiBiase Junior who played it up as being a rookie inside the chamber and got a few cheers. The next guy to come out was Randy Orton who got a BIG pop when his music hit. He looked at Teddy and you know the two will be going at it tonight.

Triple H was out next, but not nearly the reaction as Randy got. This is the sixth time inside the chamber, as the announcers point out. And has won 4 out of 5 chamber matches. A term in sports when they announce statistics is “the kiss of death” which I feel was given to Hunter. Doubtful he is going to win, but we’ll see.

Kofi came out, but not nearly the reaction he usually gets. Some cheers, probably a bigger reaction than Teddy. What was funny is that once he got to the door, he looked behind him, making sure he wasn’t going to get jumped like last year. What a year it has been for Kofi, like the King pointed out.

Sheamus came out last, which is good to see. He is the Champion, after all. Not much of a reaction either, but it’s typical for him. Good test for Sheamus in this match and I hope he proves the haters wrong right here, right now. He went around to the different chambers and mocked the guys with the title. Nice buildup.

Kofi and Sheamus start it off. BIG shock right there having the champion start out. They did it last year with Edge, but still, this is Sheamus, thought they would allow him to come out last and pick people off. What is sad is that while these guys are fighting, the fans are chanting “RKO, RKO, RKO.” No Kofi chants or fans trying to get behind Kofi.

Sheamus got the upper hand and gets a nice boo reaction from the crowd. A nice little Kofi chant starts up which helps him get the momentum.

Nice back and forth match. Honestly, it isn’t that bad to watch these two men go at it. A nice showcase with the audience letting Shamus know he sucks.

Five minutes is up and out next is HHH. The crowd cheers as Hunter smiles and a stare down between Sheamus and HHH. Triple H gets the crowd behind him and takes control of the match. Not too sure where Kofi went. Oh, he’s still down outside the ring.

Sheamus and Hunter are on the outside and are trying to throw each other against the steel, but no one tastes metal. Hunter throws him back into the ring and they continue to go back and forth until Sheamus almost hits Hunter with his finisher, but gets countered with a DDT.

Kofi gets on top of the turnbuckle and jumps off, nailed Sheamus as Hunter ducks. Kofi then cleans house and tries to get the fans behind him. Kofi nails a nice Boom Boom leg drop on HHH from the outside. Probably hurt him also and Sheamus takes advantage.

Randy Orton is now out of the pod and goes right after Sheamus. Once Sheamus is down, HHH gets up and gets nailed by Orton. Kofi comes up and goes down because of Orton. Crowd was behind Orton once he got out of the pod and he is just beating down on everyone. Sheamus and Orton are outside and Sheamus tastes the metal again and again and again thanks to Orton. HHH comes about and gets the same fate. Orton is on top until Kofi gets at the top turnbuckle and nails everyone.

Orton slides back into the ring, Kofi on ropes, Orton nails a picture perfect drop kick on Kofi and gets a two count. In typical Orton fashion, he starts stomping on Kofi and kicks the ribs. HHH comes back in and goes after Orton, but HHH is in control, until a scoop slam. Nice little cheer for Hunter, though.

RKO chants are heard in the arena as everyone is gone. Orton stalks HHH and is pounding on the mat. Smart by Orton to go after the big dog. He misses, Kofi and HHH try to attack Orton, but a nice back body drop to HHH and Kofi by Orton onto the outside steel.

Sheamus is back in and attacks Orton. He hits the steel pole and everyone is gone with the next man about to enter.

Ted DiBiase Junior gets into the ring to no reaction. He attacks Sheamus, goes after HHH, and then looks at Orton. He helps Orton up and the crowd boos. Orton and Teddy go after HHH. Now after Sheamus. Just picking people apart, which is smart.

Next up is Kofi. Very disturbing by the duo as they shove Kofi’s body through the hole and try to make him fit to go outside. Teddy has a version of the Walls of Jericho on Kofi as Kofi’s head is stuck while Orton kicks him.

They turn their attention to HHH and they continue to just destroy the guys in the Chamber. And the duo just abuse HHH’s body against the steel. Sick and disturbing. See, blood isn’t needed in the WWE when they do things like this.

Orton has HHH ready for the DDT onto the outside steel and he connects. DiBiase and Orton stare at Cena, who is still in his chamber. They are right there, waiting for him to come out. Cena looks scared, but gets pumped up as the clock ticks down.

And Cena is out and comes out hitting hard, taking out both guys. Super Cena is here!!!

This is the first time all six guys are inside a chamber. And Cena Attitude Adjustment to DiBiase from the ring to the outside. Orton picks off Cena, though, and throws him outside. Both men go at it, but Orton tastes steel.

DiBiase gets up and Cena rushes into the ring and locks in the STF to DiBiase and Orton saves him. Rhodes runs in and hands a pipe to Teddy. Teddy uses the pipe and as Cena has Orton in the Attitude Adjustment. DiBiase hits Orton and then Cena with the pipe. Ted pins Orton and he is GONE!

Rhodes looks confused and Orton is pissed. He stares at Ted as he leaves the chamber. Ted stares back and there we have it folks, Orton vs DiBiase Junior at Mania.

Sheamus and Kofi are back in the ring, Trouble in Paradise to Ted and now DiBiase Junior is out thanks to Kofi. Dumb move, really, as they should have built up Ted more for the feud with Orton.

Sheamus nails a kick to Kofi and then the Razors Edge onto him for the pin. We are down to three as Sheamus focuses on Cena.

So far my prediction looks right as I thought Sheamus or HHH will walk out as champion. With Cena supposed to be fighting Batista at Mania, I am very close to being right. However, I am pulling for Sheamus to win.

Nice back and forth between Cena and Sheamus while HHH is still down from Orton’s DDT. As Sheamus has Cena up with his finisher, HHH runs in and nails a low blow onto Sheamus AND then the Pedigree. HHH slowly covers Sheamus for the three count. DAMNIT!!! Cena or HHH to win it. Thanks a lot WWE!

So HBK against HHH or HHH and Sheamus for the title at Mania? Anyways, Cena locks in the STF on HHH right in the middle of the ring. Cena is going crazy and the crowd is behind this. HHH looks like he is fading away. And HHH taps out. The NEW WWE Champion, John CENA! WTF WWE, WTF!!!!! Wow, they just gave the belt back to John Cena to make him an EIGHT time Champion and now I have to own up to a few people in which I claimed Cena will not win. Sad day for me. Still, not much of a reaction from the fans as I thought there would be.

Oh wait, Vince McMahon comes out. He tells him congratulations, you are going to WrestleMania…as long as you defeat this man….BATISTA!!!! John Cena versus Batista right NOW! WWE Championship, OMG, Vince screwed Cena right here.

45 minute chamber match and this match is on. Cena nails a right hand, but is out on his feet. Batista gets upset and SPEAR to Cena. Now a Batista Bomb as fans yell no. The crowd chants one, two, three and it is over just like that. And NEW WWE CHAMPION, BATISTA!!!! At least I was only semi wrong, right? And here we go for the second WrestleMania match, Batista versus John Cena for the WWE Championship. So, money is on Edge cashing in on the Smackdown Champion. Cena is looking up at the WM sign and crying. Batista on the top of the stage yelling while the fans boo. Batista is going to WM as THE Champion.

The crowd chants for Cena as he makes his way back to his locker. He looks disappointed and the fans are showing him they still care for him. Reminds me of the days Austin got screwed. They might finally be making Cena to look like a real good guy in the WWE by giving him sympathy points. And after he makes his way back, we get the Bret Hart package.

Next up is the IC Title match. Drew is still undefeated. Nice entrance for Drew, but it seems like no one is really into the match. Good technical match, though, as Drew focuses in on the arm and shoulder of Kane. The crowd is pretty much dead, though. Seems like most of the crowd really doesn't care, which is taking quite a lot from this match.

After Drew gets a nice build going, Kane comes back and hits a few nice moves and a nice boot to the face. The announcers are trying to get the viewers into the match by screaming about Kane. Drew is still done, but will not give up. And Jerry comments about the beating the young superstar can take.

Kane jumps off the top rope and nails the clothesline. This is to set up the clothesline, which Drew gets out of and rolls outside. Kane uses Drew's body against the steel post and now they battle outside with Kane mocking the young blood.

Drew wants no more of Kane, but Kane just laughs and continues on the attack. Drew says screw this, rolls out, and heads to the back where Kane follows. Crowd finally gets into this as Kane continues to punish Drew's body. And they go back into the ring once again.

Kane gets the Chokeslam locked in, but Drew backpeddles to the turnbuckle. Ref tries to get Kane off of Drew, which allows Drew to nail the poke in the eye and then the Future Shock DDT for the three count. Winner and still the IC Champion PLUS undefeated, your young blood, Drew McIntrye. Nice way to build the guy and have him use old school moves to draw heat. I'm impressed with the guy.

Maryse and Gail Kim in the back, Maryse talks French, and then says they are friends and wants a good match. Gail Kim speaks French and puts Maryse in her place by saying she knew about the trash talk all along and hypes the match. Sound be....interesting.

Two more matches left with 2 hours to go. Damn.

We got the Diva's Title up next. As they are about to go at it, Vickie comes out. MAJOR boos. Vickie talks about the Raw Divas trashing Smackdown Diva. Vickie calls herself a Diva and the crowd telling her she sucks and isn't allowed to speak. And with that said, Vickie POSTPONES the match and it is now a tag team match with Layla and Michelle McCool, the so called top 2 Divas, right now.

Boy, they really don't want anyone to touch the Diva's Championship, do they? Gail and Layla start it off and the crowd is once again dead. Gail Kim making easy work of Layla and showing us why Gail is considered one of the best women's wrestlers today.

McCool kicks Gail off the top rope and Maryse isn't helping Gail at all. This might as well be a handicap match. It is now McCool against Gail with McCool all over Gail. It seems the fans want to chant something, but it isn't a big enough chant to make it on air.

After McCool gets in a good amount of offense, Gail finally gets a defense to take McCool down. Gail goes for a tag, but Maryse pushes her back and gets hit with a big boot by Michelle. Styles Clash from McCool and Gail Kim gets pinned for the loss. McCool and Layla celebrate and egg Maryse on, but Maryse wants NOTHING of it.

McCool and Layla leave while Maryse gets back into the ring and nails the French Kiss and trash talk onto Gail. The fans finally wake up and boo Maryse as she sits by Gail before leaving the ring. BIG letdown as they should have just went with the Diva's Championship with no Mickie, Maria, or Beth appearance. No idea what the plans are for Mania between all of these ladies.

NXT is hyped and I love it. Miz is hyped and Josh interviews Miz. Miz is the ONLY person to hold the US and Unified Tag Team Championship at the same time. Miz puts down Daniel Bryan and calls him an internet sensation and the Indy King, but has no personality and the first in line for a Stars War convention. Miz talks about how Daniel better listen to him and how Miz will make Daniel into a star.

MVP comes up, talks about how he agrees with Miz and personality, but it is about winning. So we get ShowMiz versus MVP and Mark Henry tonight because MVP won on Raw.

William Regal now comes out. He hypes NXT also and is a trainer. Regal is a free agent as hyped by the announcers. He talks about having the most experience and been there the longest. He gets the "What" chant and he looks at the audience and says"What wonderful people" and smiles. He talks about demanding respect and how everyone can learn something from him, as well as the people here. All of a sudden, Edge comes out to a pop. Interesting that these two will talk in the ring together.

Regal is even confused and a Edge chant comes out. Edge talks down to Regal and talks about his chance of being at Mania and says Monday he will make his decision of who he will fight at Mania. He is doing something tonight and a SPEAR to Regal to a pop. He gloats and then heads out. Nice way to plug NXT and Raw. Should be an interesting few weeks heading to Mania.

My bad, it is for the United States Championship. Not sure how that came about, seeing MVP pinned Miz in a TAG TEAM match and not a singles match. Anyways, Miz comes out with Show and waits for MVP to come out.

MVP comes out with Show and is announced to have won his first US Title here in St. Louis. Interesting...

Even more NXT hype and about Daniel Bryan and how Miz is given the short straw from fans because of it. If NXT doesn't draw, it won't be on the fault of WWE not hyping it, that's for sure.

MVP and Miz go at it. MVP gets the advantage and is taking out Miz with close falls, but there isn't talked about as they dog Tiger Woods even more. Come on guys, this is wrestling, let's focus on that.

Talk of the King's hometown while action continues. Man, they really aren't doing a good job announcing as MVP continues to get the advantage on Miz, who tried to swing momentum back in his field, but doesn't.

More talk about what Miz can do for Bryan Daniel and how he can help his career. With that said, Miz is now on the offense while Cole talks about being mentored for this event (JR wrote on his blog about sending Cole notes). And even more hype about Daniel and what he knows. Good God, can a man be hyped more before his debut or what?

Good back and forth so far. Couple of near falls, but Miz gets the upper hand until a upper hand from no where from MVP connects to Miz. Henry showing some concern for MVP while Show just yelling nonsense from ring side.

MVP chant starts up and MVP nails an electric chair onto Miz. MVP seems to have it going, but Miz gets the advantage again before the crowd getting behind MVP. MVP gets out of a camel clutch, runs after Miz, but gets nailed by a big boot from Miz.

Show taunts fans and is getting behind the Miz. Nice long match between the two guys, unlike the Rumble. Still, fans aren't into this match as they haven't been into the PPV. Kind of bringing the show down, but that's just what it seems like to me.

Belly to belly throw by MVP which, after a headbutt from Miz to MVP, Miz is now busted open with no stoppage from anyone. A punch for punch between the two, but crowd hardly gives the boo/yeah noise they usually do.

MVP gained the momentum, Show trying to get Miz to get up, MVP gets balling, but gets the two count because of the foot on the rope. Show gets Miz outside, MVP and Henry attack. Show hits steel post because of Henry. Show moves over and Henry breaks the barricade and some metal pieces (Matt talks about it being Chamber pieces).

MVP misses the big boot, Miz distracts the ref, Show nailes the Knockout Punch, and Miz RETAINS the United States Championship. Miz and Show celebrate and some trainer comes in to look at the Miz and try to clean him up. Show shows off the US Title while Miz gets help.

Trainers now help MVP, but Miz goes over and gets in a picture like poses over MVP with the title. Funny stuff and Show and Miz walk out buddy buddy. Great pairing, the two of them.

Recap from the Chamber match from the opening. The next Chamber match is up and my money is on Jericho or Taker. Like my other picks, though, it doesn't look too good.

Rey comes out first with a small pop. Not like the pops he has gotten before. The crowd, I repeat, is killing the show for me.

John Morrison is up next with a couple of cheers. The ankle injury is played up by the announcers. Morrison looks around and gets locked in with no sign of Shawn Michaels, like reports talked about having Morrison getting the Kofi treatment.

Jericho walks to the ring next with a bigger reaction from the other two guys. He looks around, checks out the fans and the chamber and is looked in.

Taker is out next. Fans give a nice pop, but he walks quickly to the ring. For a moment, I thought it was Shawn Michaels the way Taker stormed to the ring. But nope, it's Taker and he is locked in and ready to go. Does the Dead Man look ready for this match or what?

Out comes Punk who has the stick and talks about them being locked in the chamber with him. EVERYONE locked in wants a piece of Punk. CM goes to Rey and talks about saving them. As Punk continues, R-Truth comes out and raps. The crowd actually gives him his What's Up chants. Good way to kill time as now we got less than a hour for the PPV to finish. Truth still talking, gets a good reaction, and is now in the ring so we begin with Truth and Punk.

Good match so far between the two. Good high flying and Punk tastes the glass. Nice flip on top to the bottom onto Punk from Truth. Truth is just giving Punk a beating until Truth misses an axe kick. Punk then gets the match to his favor with a sick kick to the head and then the Go 2 Sleep from Punk for the victory. Good showing for Truth, until the missed kick. And here we go, Matt calls it the Sermon on the Mount.

Punk points to Taker and says he better pray he is last or he will tap like last time. Points to Morrison, dissing the rock star life. And here we go, the CM Punk flow through you speech. Sadly, I had a beer yesterday, so I cannot commit my life to Punk. Sorry buddy.

Rey comes out and high action. Rey almost gets a three count by being quicker than Punk. Rey screws up and gets a spear by Punk to slow him down. Punk tries for the Go 2 Sleep, but Rey counters and almost gets a 3 count. Very quick matchup between the two and should be a good Mania match, if it should happen.

Punk now has Rey on the outside and uses Rey like a bat between the steel, swinging him around. Back inside the ring and almost a three count by Punk. And Punk nails the knee to the turnbuckle and then throws him from the turnbuckle to the glass, shaking the glass. But still, Rey kicks out. I would have been out cold and in dream world.

Rey somehow is fighting back and tries to climb to the top of the glass. Punk comes up, gets the G2S, but Rey counters. They are now both at the top of the turnbuckle, Rey gets off, Punk gets his balls to the post, and Rey nails the Hurricanrana to the outside. Rey goes to the outside as Punk rolls back in, Rey nails a splash from the top rope, and gets the 3 count onto Punk.

Jericho is now in and it is Rey and Jericho. Great back and forth, if you remember their matches from the summer. Fast paced with them hitting their typical moves and Rey hitting steel. Jericho has the advantage and is now beating down Rey. Very smart attack to Rey by Jericho. It is now a slow paced match and Jericho is trying to get Rey out of his game.

Rey gets the advantage by getting out of a sleeper hold and after some fast paced moves by Rey, gets Jericho in the Dragon Sleeper. Jericho fights out and then locks in the Walls of Jericho with ten seconds left before someone comes in.

Morrison enters and rushes at Jericho, so Jericho lets go and Morrison and Jericho go at it. Stupid rookie mistake, Morrison, by attacking Jericho. Jericho is now outside and Morrison and John go at it. One swift kick to the head of Rey and Rey is out cold.

Jericho is back in the ring and it is now Morrison and Jericho. Jericho almost gets a three count with a swift roll up. Jericho now mocks Morrison, but gets caught iwht a big boot. Morrison gets on top, Rey gets up and throws him to the glass. Jericho and Rey back at it with Jericho throwing Rey to the outside with the steel.

Jericho beating down Rey, but Morrison gets up and flies to attack Rey and Jericho. Back inside the ring, Morrison does a nice standing flip onto Rey for a two count. Rey gets Morrison set up for a 619, but Jericho catches him and takes him down.

Undertaker wants in as all three guys are up inside the ring and more fast paced action which is too hard to write about. Morrison and Rey on top, but Morrison counters it, throws Rey to the ground, hit the Star Ship Pain and Rey is GONE. Jericho and Morrison left with Taker locked in his cell.

Morrison makes a rookie mistake by watching Rey walk to the back which allows Jericho to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Again, ten seconds left as Taker punches the glass and wants in. He goes right after Jericho and just starts unleashing onto poor Jericho. Man, is Taker a man on a mission and looks like he is 20 years younger.

Taker gets a two count on Jericho. Taker tries for a double Choke Slam, but gets kicked and a double suplex counter. And Jericho and Morrison send Taker to the outside and then go after each other with Morrison getting a 2 count on Morrison.

Jericho moves to the outside, Morrison goes to the ropes, Jericho back flips him onto the steel. And just like the last match, my two picks are still left.

Jericho slaps Taker, pisses him off, so Jericho tries to hide in Chamber, but Taker tears it and then goes and nails rights and lefts against Jericho, who is hurt. Taker goes back to the ring and a couple of running splashs to Morrison. Taker tries to do the old school clothesline, but Morrison counters with a nice rope kick, but hurts his ankle. Morrison jumps up and down and then goes to the ropes, tries to nail that Star Ship Pain, but gets nailed with double knees.

Jericho comes out of the pod, Dead Man raising, and Jericho runs to the pod and locks himself back in like a coaward and a perfect heel. Taker is a bit out of it, but takes care of Morrison. They are by Jerichos pod and Taker has Morrison, knocks on Jericho's pod, who is trying his hardest to keep the pod closed.

Taker has Morrison in the Last Ride, but Jericho runs in and takes out Taker. So now it is Jericho and Morrison in the ring. Taker gets up nails a power Choke Slam to Morrison onto the outside. Taker rolls him back in, places Morrison's hands over his heart, and pins him looking at Jericho. Morrison is gone.

Taker takes down the straps and is wanting Jericho in the ring, who looks like he is about to shit himself. A Taker chant breaks out with a small chant for I believe Jericho. Jericho finally goes into the ring and Taker takes control. Taker finally misses a boot and Jericho hits a nice Super Plex in which both men are now down. Jericho finally moves, but only gets a two count.

Taker tries for a Choke Slam, all bugged eye, but Jericho counters to the walls, which gets countered to Hells Gate, which gets countered again to the Walls of Jericho. Fans are yelling and Taker has that evil look in his eyes as he flips it over and locks in the Hells Gate. Jericho tries to get out of it and goes to the ropes, but ref cannot break it. Jericho finally goes to the outside to break the move, but Taker gets up and Jericho does in for a Tombstone. Jericho gets out of it and CODEBREAKER and what a codebreaker it is. Jericho wastes too much time and just gets a two count.

Jericho yells at Taker to stay down and doesn't know what to do. Jericho and Taker at the turnbuckle with Jericho hitting punches, but Taker nails the Last Ride onto Jericho, but both men are again down. Taker is the first to get up and does his throat cut slash. Shawn Michaels pops from nowhere, SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Jericho is all like WTF just happened, but pins Taker with HBK standing over. HBK continues to stand over Taker as Jericho flips out winning the title. So it seems like we got Jericho vs Edge at Mania and part 2 of Taker vs HBK. HBK just looks at Taker without blinking or moving. Taker is still down, trying to move. And a closeup of HBK as the PPV ends. WOW, what a shocker. We knew that HBK was going to cost Taker, but still, a bit shocking. For my own thoughts on the PPV, keep on the lookout of a new article of my thoughts on this PPV and the upcoming WrestleMania.


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