New York Knicks: 4 to 1 Assist to Turnover Ratio or Explosive Point?

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IJuly 4, 2008

NBA free agency has been in full effect over the past few days, with Baron Davis surprisingly signing to the Los Angeles Clippers, while other blue chip players of the league, like Corey Maggete, Josh Smith, and Elton Brand among others, are rumored to make their decision any day now.


However, the only player the New York Knicks feel will not hurt their cap-space plan and actually help them during the 2009/2010 season is current Bulls guard, Chris Duhon.


While a ton of Knick fans believe signing the night club extraordinaire to a two-year-deal is a bad thing, I beg to differ.


The Knicks are in desperate need of a point guard, with Stephon Marbury unlikely staying with the club. On top of that, a pass-first point with excellent ball handling skills and great defense are characteristics the cornerstone club hasn't seen since Mark Jackson or Charlie Ward.


And let us not forget the Knicks never accomplished anything great with a commander and chief like Marbury.This makes Duhon a great selection for the top spot in NYC.


However, with all the great basketball qualities Chris possesses, I can't just sit back and ignore the interest Monta Ellis has for the New York Knicks.


The dynamic young guard who is expecting a better offer than the Knicks can afford or want to give up due to the 2010 scheme, fits better into the D`Antoni`s game. But don't get me wrong, it’s all well and good. Waiting for the most talented players in the NBA is not a bad plan.


Nevertheless, the interest Monta Ellis has in the Knicks is very interesting. Nine other teams with more cap space are believed to be interested in Ellis, however it is rumored his desire to play for the Knicks is greater – so an inside source say’s.


Ellis's agent, Jeff Fried, made no comment on behalf of Ellis’s remarks but solely referred to the Warriors and their belief that he is the future point of the club, even more so now with Davis’s departure. It's expected the Golden State Warriors are going to offer a ten million per season in a six-to-seven year deal.


My question on this situation is should the Knicks, take, yet again another risk and offer Monta Ellis a mouth-drooling deal or  stick to the 2010 plan and sign Chris Duhon, saying he denies the Orlando Magic offer?


Let me know...