Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2010

Post the "Special One's" era there have been numerous debates regarding Jose "Special One" Mourinho's sacking as Chelsea manager. Lots of pages on paper and in the cyber world have been wasted in debating if it was a fault.

This Wednesday when Chelsea host Mourinho's Inter Milan for the Champions League tie the atmosphere is going to be one of revenge, remembrance, and regret. Revenge will be in the mind of Mourinho against the club that sacked him after enjoying their best ever season performance for two consecutive years. Remembrance! Well nobody at Chelsea can forget him. Can they? The person who gave them something to cheer for in their 105 year history. Regret! That maybe in some of Chelsea fans' heart who believe Mourinho's sacking was a mistake.

Chelsea have set the majority of their records in the Mourinho era. It is true that it was possible because he had a huge amount at his disposal to spend on new players. But the players he bought were all not highly famed. He made a team which had the right combination of talent,experience and skills. He developed the team in his own way and Chelsea went on to win two consecutive Premier League titles.

In 2007-08 season when Chelsea failed to secure the premier league the pressure was put on him. It was wrong. Then the signing of Shevchenko which sparked the problems between him and owner Roman Abramovich. It later proved that Shevchenko was a complete waste in Chelsea but the damage was already done.

After Chelsea sacked Mourinho they reached the Champions League finals under Avram Grant where they lost to Manchester United in the penalties. But there was of no contribution from Grant because he only managed the team already created by Mourinho.

Then came Luiz Felipe Scolari. He had totally lost the plot and was eventually sacked mid way in the season after a pathetic seven months. Guus Hiddink took the post as a standby and he only maintained the machinery left by Mourinho. But we still loved him.He gave us the FA cup.

New season. New coach. Home came Carlos Ancelloti who has seen a nice season for the team under his guidance and presently at the top of the EPL table but still nothing significant has yet to be won. But the special effects of Mourinho are always missed. Maybe if our owner had put his personal ego and pride behind the clubs' interest the "Special One" would not have been sacked and we could have won a few more silverware.

So Wednesday when Chelsea faces Mourinho's Inter at Stamford Bridge there will be lots of emotions at play. The team formed by Mourinho has developed and combined well and have become far more dangerous and better. It will be a cracker to watch who wins. Mourinho's Chelsea or Mourinho's Inter. The result will be the answer to our debate.