Open Mic: What Defines a Sport?

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2008

There are many sports around the world, each with different rules and objectives. Some use balls and some use pucks. Some use hand and some use feet. Some use a lot of contact and some use less contact.


So what does define a sport?


We all know that the big sports are ones that involve a ball and they also have ball in their name (Basketball, Football (in both versions of the sport), and baseball). Although having a ball in that game doesn’t make it a sport. Take hockey for example, they use a little black circle called a puck. So we can cross having a ball in your game makes you a sport.


What about objectives?


A lot of sports require the teams to score a point by placing the object inside in area to score. For example: a net, an end zone, or touching home plate. Other sports have different ways to score points or have a completely different objective like getting the best time than the other opponent. So people could say that the point scoring game is a sport while the other is not but even the sports that require points can't agree on the same system.


What about physical exertion?


What is physical exertion? Physical exertion is when you throw with your arm or run with your legs. Basically it is almost anyway to get your body active or use your muscles. In all of these sports that I have mentioned physical exertion is needed to play the game. So is physical exertion what defines a sport.


Well let’s look at some sports that don’t seem like sports.


What about poker?


Poker is almost a mind game. In poker many players try to make the other players go for more riskier and less likely to help you moves while yourself tries to play it safe or go for something that may help you. But poker is considered by some a sport. So maybe physical exertion is not what defines a sport.


What about competitive eating and Major League Gaming?


Yes I did say Major League Gaming. It is a league where people are on teams and play against each other in video games to win money. I am also positive people have heard of the hotdog eating contest which is competitive eating. These games are also considered sports. In competitive eating the objective is to eat the most in (I think) a certain amount a time. Believe it or not, they eaters have coaches to help them with a strategy on how to eat faster. In Major League Gaming the objective is what ever they choose in the game they play. The teams also use a strategy.


What does define a sport?


I think we have found out what a sport is. A sport is more of strategy and mental usage than physical exertion. Some may disagree but look at every sport - there is a strategy and mental usage. A sport is defined as however you use strategy and use your brain but maybe necessary with some physical exertion and definently skills and talent. 


The Fanatic is done here but stay tuned for more articles.