The Bret Hart "Injury"

IGGY AZALEAContributor IFebruary 20, 2010

Hi Bleachers, I was on and I came to a thought on the Bret Hart injury angle and I came to the conclusion that Hart cannot be having a match at "Wrestlemania" against Vince McMahon because it is no where else for him to go from here.

Also in the injury angle Bret and John Cena were talking backstage then Bret gets into his limo and John walks away, then Bam comes a scream of agony and John takes 5-6 seconds just to come back and check on Bret. Others like Gail Kim, Evan Bourne, Alicia Fox and paramedics then come to check on him and the whole scene just seems fake with Gail constantly saying "Are you OK".

Furthermore, I just want to take the rest of the article to reenact John Cena and Bret Hart's conversation:

John: Hey Bret, Vince wants me to get bicycle kicked in the face by Sheamus for like the fifth time!

Bret: Well, you know how big brother is, so I suggest just do what he says for he makes you a jobber or comedic relief figure like Santino Marrella or Evan Bourne.

John: Guess you're right, look how your career went(sarcastically).

Bret: OK, now get ready for your match against Triple H!

John: Thanks.

(Both then walk away)


Bret: *yells* Help, help!!

John: (Thinking to himself) I wonder if I will win at EC? H'm

*Gas then fills the room*

Bret: Help, help, help!!

John: (Still thinking to himself) I'm glad that darn ECW is being discontinued, the crowd from "One Night Stand" 2006 didn't deserve ECW. Next time they will think fast before berating the champ.

*Bret still screaming in pain*

John: Those "NXT" rookies will never be as good as me I'm the champ!

Lady in car: I didn't see you, I swear!

*Gail Kim screams as paramedics ask Bret "Are you OK" while he is still in the limo with his ankle bent*

Alicia Fox: Do something Evan!

Evan Bourne: What should I do I'm only a jobber!

John: I better win at EC!

Bret: You just ruined the scene!

*Screen fades*

Now tell me your opinion and thoughts on what happen!