I Have No Control Over the Rams

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IJuly 4, 2008

     I received an e-mail back before the draft. The writer claimed that Linehan had been given an ultimatum, either make the playoffs or loose his job. Unfortunately, this blogger left no sources for such claims. I searched the web for anything about Linehan's ultimate demise. Votes of confidence could only be found. He received these from Rosenbloom's family to Shaw.
     But, as Met fans could attest. Votes of confidence meant nothing in the Wille Randolph fiasco. Everyone needs a scape goat.
     Sorry for my digression. As far as Linehan getting any type of ultimatum, I don't know for sure, but one could possibly be make a case. Yet, for now, let us just go with calls of votes of confidence.
     This season the Rams need to focus on whole lot, but I want to focus on a few of concerns. I want to look at some of their opponents, Linehan, Saunders, and the offense in general.
     If you want to make the playoffs, a good place to start would be to control the division. In the past couple years, the competed Rams with Seahawks for the west's bragging rights. But now, the Cardinals and the Forty-Niners seemed to be improving.
     Now, you may have the Cardinals and the Forty-Niners thrown in the mix. Both teams could improve if that rid of or control distractions. The Cardinals have to settle on a Quarterback. Will it be Warner or Linehart? Both have made their opions known about platooning, and Warner wants to be traded if they make him a backup. Martz though not a distraction can either make or break the Forty-Niners' offense. Remember what he did to the Rams. One saving grace, he will be under Nolan's control.
     The Rams have their own distractions. The next couple of comments may sound like rhetoric, but they still remain as facts. The Rams need to focus on what happens on the playing field not in the press. They have no control over the team's ultimate future. But, if they make the playoffs or better, the team's value would go up. Yet, for their own selves, they have to go out and compete.
     The first key to winning lays right under Linehan's control. To begin with, he needs change how runs a training camp. The starters have to be more involved in the preseason games then in the previous preseason's. They have to have more playing time especially in the last two games, and in the fourth, they should play almost all of the game.
     Coaches hold back the starters in the first two games, say they can weed out those who definitely would not make the team. But in the last two games they integrate the starters back in, so they can get a better idea of the team as whole. So Scott play the starters.
     Finally, we come to Saunders and the offense. Saunders needs take baby steps with offense. He should not come out and shove out hundreds of plays at them. A basic offensive rule, you only to make ten yards for a first down. That breaks down to three to four yards per carry.
     For the sake of the offensive line, the plays should be quick developing, not plays taking over five seconds to develop. The longer line has to block then the greater chance of injury.
     I hope that these ideas will happen, but like the players, I have no control.