Tiger Woods's State of the Union Address!

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IFebruary 20, 2010

Tiger Woods once again proved he’s the biggest star on the planet when he delivered the highest rated State of the Union Address in TV history. Obama hopes to counter next year.

Prior to this address, there was a lot of talk amongst golfers and the press about how Tiger was trying to stick it to Accenture, the first sponsor to drop him, by making his announcement on the 19th, which coincided with the Accenture’s tournament.

There were more reporters and security personnel in Orlando covering the Tiger Woods address than there were in Arizona covering the match play tournament.

I don’t know where these golfers get the idea that they matter or that any sane individual would sit on their couch for 10+ hours on Saturday or Sunday watching guys with iron sticks hit a ball you can’t even see on TV. The only reason golf is on national TV with mega sponsors is Tiger Woods, and like I said in my article, Tiger Woods has nothing to apologize for , Tiger Woods is golf, and if he decided to walk away from golf today, the game will die a gradual death slowly but surely.

In 1996, the year he went pro, there were only eight players on the money list who made a million dollars or more. In 2009, there were 91—that’s 91 members of the PGA making more than a million US dollar a year playing golf and millions more in endorsements.

Golf did not make Tiger Woods who he is today—Tiger Woods made golf what it is today. (Click here to read more from Tiger Woods has nothing to apologize for )

The Tiger Woods conference has given the Accenture tournament the exposure they would not have ordinarily had. How many casual sports fans even knew there was a tournament this weekend? But thanks once again to Tiger, every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally now know, and still no one is going to watch that snooze fest.

The other golfers should be paying him 10 percent of their pay in gratitude for all he’s done for the game and for what he continues to do, and they should stop crying like little girls.

It is Tiger's prerogative as to when he should hold his conference, and he decided Friday the 19th.

Was Tiger Woods sticking it to a sponsor that dropped him? Maybe, maybe not, but who really cares?

He calls for a conference with close friends, family, and a very short list from the media, and all hell breaks loose? Christine Brennan of USA Today calls him an egomaniac and control freak, and she insisted no self-respecting press organization should go to this event.

First of all, let me make this very clear. Tiger Woods is an egomaniac and a control freak—to be that good and focused at all times no matter the pressure or distractions, you have to be able to control everything in your surrounding and have self-confidence that is second to none: Babe Ruth calling his shots, Mohamed Ali predicting what round his opponents will fall, Sugar Ray taunting his opponent in the ring before a fight, and Michael Jordan sticking his tongue out and talking trash while staring down he’s opponents.

All great athletes are egomaniacs, and that is what makes them great athletes. Ms. Christine Brennan, Tiger Woods did not need any members of the press there, self-respecting or otherwise. That’s why he only invited the ones he can trust, and you are obviously not one of them.

The GWAA decided they were boycotting the event because they did not get more representation and they couldn’t ask question.

Then you have the geniuses from sports talk radio saying they would like to see Tiger Woods humbled and some even suggesting they would like to see him cry and show emotions so they could believe he’s sincerely sorry.

And after the speech Steven A. Smith said on ESPN First Take that he looked liked a reboot and was a phony, he also added that Tiger lied about how his wife hit him. (Click here for more: Elin Nordegren is a Monster and should be arrested )

I am really confused. I know it was reported that Tiger slept with countless women, but I never read anywhere that he slept with all these people's teenage daughters or their wives or girlfriends. Are these guys by any way related to Elin or her family? Why is everyone so interested in an apology or if he’s deceitful?

They want to ask questions, really? About what? No good can come from anyone letting the press close to them and thinking that the scandal was going to go away. Look at how it worked out for Princess Diana.

Tiger Woods is not on trial, neither has he been indicted, so everyone should stop the comparison to Kobe Bryant , Michael Vick , or even Mark McGuire. He only hurt himself and his family, like he said in he’s speech. They are the only ones who matters, so anyone else who thinks they deserve an apology can go jump off the Empire State Building.

And with regards to apologizing to his peers on the tour for all the questions they have been bombarded with, that is the most ludicrous statement I’ve ever heard. The only reasons these guys are been asked questions is because they tend to answer.

What do they know about what Tiger Woods's plans are? Or what his marital status is? or when he’ll be coming back to golf?

When you are asked a direct question and you do not know the answer or it’s not your business, your answer should be a) I do not know, b) I have no comment, or c) it’s none of my business.

But these guys have never had so many cameras on their face like this, and they are all in love with the attention. That’s why they are all talking.

And you want him to apologize?

People are saying Tiger Woods is not a role model anymore because of this scandal. Really?

I said in my article, Tiger Woods has nothing to apologize for , that Tiger Woods is a golfer who commands upwards of $3 million in appearance fees in some of the tournaments he plays, yet he takes time off from his busy schedule to play golf for free to raise money for charity. Apart from Lance Armstrong and Andre Agassi, there’s no other person in the world of sports who has raised more money for charity.

Parents, it is time you start to tell your kids the facts of life and relationships.
The fact is, there’s a 50 percent chance your marriage will probably end in divorce, and there’s a 50 percent chance that one of you will or is already cheating on the other.

My question to you now is: does this make you a bad parent?

People are judged on their complete body of work in life. We don’t pick and choose and then draw conclusions. That’s a fool’s game. (Click here to read more )

We also have people saying that he has to apologize to the people who have bought products he endorses and have thus made him almost a billion dollars.

Since when did we started holding sales people accountable for the products they sell? How many of Billy Mays's product have you returned because you found out he did drugs and now he’s dead? How many of you have sued your stock brokers after your 401K tanked?

Tiger Woods is nothing but a sales man, and he gets compensated a lot of money ($100 million a year) because he has become the most famous individual on the planet since the death of Michael Jackson.

If you buy Tiger Woods products because you thought he was a saint, then you need to have your head examined, or you just simply need to grow up.

There has never been any person on this planet who was perfect. Even Jesus Christ was not perfect, (he couldn’t play ball!) and expecting athletes to be perfect is laughable.

I do have a problem with the way Tiger Woods is managing this scandal. I said in my article, Tiger Woods Indefinite absence from Golf a very BAD Decision , that I don’t know who is giving him advice, but they are giving him very bad advice. If Tiger’s camp thinks a long absence from the public eye will kill this scandal, then they really do not understand the world of tabloid journalism.

If it takes Tiger Woods 10 years to come back to golf, then they will wait 10 year. A good scoop is worth the wait. In the meantime, they will keep paying anyone who is willing to say they slept with Tiger. (Click here to read more )

Is Tiger Woods a dirt bag? Is he a good husband? Is he a good guy? Was this so called press conference a sham?

The answers to all of these is: Why do you want to know?

All we do know is that he’s a heck of a golfer.

Tiger Woods for President, anyone?

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