Marcus Camby's Debut: Portland Trail Blazers Get Smashed

Parker ForteContributor IFebruary 20, 2010

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What is there to say?


Bad defense, no team work, bad ball movement, bad calls, bad shooting, garbage play; there is so much more I could list about the Trail Blazers' 96-76 loss to the Boston Celtics.


Now, I know what every one is going to say: “It was the trade, we didn't have Steve Blake or Travis Outlaw. It’s Marcus Camby’s Fault.”


You have to understand, today was Camby’s first game with the Blazers. He does not completely understand Portland’s offensive and defensive schemes. It will take time for Camby to adjust.


The fact is the Trailblazers played mediocre basketball. That’s it. There is nothing else you can say (besides the horrible refereeing).


Rudy Fernandez tried to take over in the fourth quarter. He had two great lay-in attempts at the basket that would have brought Portland within five, and even closer if Rudy hit the resulting free throws. But both were called charges when they were obviously blocks (hint: bad calls).


Let me throw some numbers at you from tonight’s horrific loss.


Brandon Roy: played 33 minutes and had nine points, two turnovers and was 3-8 shooting.


Martell Webster: played 22 minutes and scored four points on 1-5 shooting.


Marcus Camby: played 29 minutes, had two points, seven rebounds and went 1-5 from the floor.


LaMarcus Aldridge: played 40 minutes, went 7-16 from the floor and ended up with 19 points and nine rebounds.


Andre Miller: played 25 minutes and had 16 points on 4-9 shooting.


Juwan Howard: played 12 minutes, went 1-3 from the floor and had five points.


This 20 point loss can not and should not be blamed on Marcus Camby, although he did not play to well.


Blazer fans, be ready for the Jazz on Sunday. Portland will be hungry for victory and will come out playing with mad heart and a lot of anger. Do not lose hope and do not give up on Rip City.