Dwyane Wade The Most Underrated Player Of All Time.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2010

Since his unveling in the 2003 draft, I've become a quite the admirer of Mr. Wades body of work. I've fallen in love with his work ethic, hard nosed Chicago style toughness he brings to the game. His drive is also remarkable second to none but the Mamba himself. One has to think what exactly drives this man,  within his 3rd year he had already wrapped up a NBA title and a Finals MVP. Something Jordan didn't do until his 6th year in the NBA, something Kobe as great as he his didn't accomplish until his 13th year, and something Lebron James still hasn't accomplished. He's managed to be among to the top 10 NBA scorers from his second year in the league until now.

So why does he continue to play every game like it is his last. Because with everything he has done for this league he is simply ignored . Some how Wade's name continues to be left out the mouths of water cooler analyst across America. ESPN columnist and writers tend to ignore him altogether.

I mean did you see the face of David Stern as he reluctantly handed over the 2010 NBA Allstar MVP! It was hysterical I bet soon as he left the immediate area he sent a high priority text to Lebron saying " Cheer up Bron I promised to do all within my power to get you a Finals MVP this year.

To add insult to injury instead of Wade being compared to Kobe its Lebron that is prematurely being compared to Kobe. Last time I checked Lebron still hasn't proven himself on the NBA's biggest stage yet, The NBA Finals.

So let me get this straight if Lebron's allegedly surpassing Kobe with no NBA title, where does that leave Dwyane Wade with his ring and Finals MVP to boot. I tell you where it leaves him in that little keep sake box way in the corner of the NBA's attic coincidentally labeled UNDERRATED.

So when you see D-Wade slashing his way  to the hoop as if his life depended on it, even though the game is well out of reach, let it sink into your head Mr. Dwyane "Flash" Wade is tired of being ignored.