Goalkeeper Brittany Cameron Has a New Team, Joins FC Gold

Alondra HernandezContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

FC Gold pride announced on Tuesday, Feb. 16, that they had just signed goalkeeper Brittany Cameron, who was a developmental player for the LA Sol last season.

Cameron should have been back in LA around this time to start preseason training with the Sol, but the plot took an unexpected twist when WPS announced that the Sol would cease operations on Jan. 28.

What went through her mind when she first found out? "Sadness," she said straight out. "I was sad. I always trained hard, and I really loved the team. I loved the atmosphere in LA and we had a great group of girls. I was sad, I’m not even gonna lie. But you gotta keep moving right?"

On Feb. 4, the league held a Dispersal Draft in which the Sol players would get drafted by the rest of the teams. A few teams passed on their last picks which meant that some players were left out with no new team, and Cameron was one of them.

"I wasn't worried. I knew I'd be somewhere—I hoped I'd be somewhere. It just seemed no fair, but I knew I'd be all right," she said, mentioning that she had talked to a couple teams.

FC Gold Pride head coach Albertin Montoya showed interest in Cameron, and she soon signed with the team based in Hayward, Calif., not too far from Dublin where she grew up.

Having a team to continue playing is great, but doing it at home is even better for her. "I'm so happy. This is what I like doing. Going back home, there's nothing better. And there's nothing better than the Bay anyway. When I first heard I was going to play over there, family was all I could think of. Family and friends is all that matters," she said.

When she gets to the Bay, Cameron will train with Nicole Barnhart (known as Barnie), who is only the back up to Hope Solo on the US Women's National Team. Having already trained with Karina LeBlanc (known as "KK") in LA, she is looking forward to improving her game while playing with some another big name in women's soccer.

"KK helped me through everything. She's a big supporter of mine. I couldn't ask for anything better. She's a top-of-the-line goalkeeper in every aspect from her personality off the field to on the field, she's world class. And now I get a chance to play with Barnie. I met her a couple times, I've heard nothing but great things, and she's a world class shot-stopper so I look forward to learning some more stuff. Jay Cooney is a great goalkeeper trainer so I look forward to learning to more and getting better every day."

As far as having to leave LA to play at home, it comes with mixed emotions. "I loved [the Sol], there's no secret about that, but I'm going back home. There's nothing better than home, right? I get to play in front of my family and friends, but I love LA. The team was just amazing, nothing that can compare, but nothing compares to being back home, specially being in the Bay."