Tonight's Game Will Tell Us How Far They Will Go: Blazers Vs. Celtics

Ryan VirginCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2010

Brandon Roy is questionable, Marcus Camby will play in his first game as a Blazer, and all of Rip City is holding their breath.

For what reason, you say?

Brandon Roy, on paper, is just the leading scorer of a team once devastated by injuries. On the court he is the emotional leader for the team and city, a role that cannot be more important to the success of this particular franchise.

Tonight Brandon Roy is questionable, and if he wishes to finish the season out on the injury list he will play.

Tuesday night, the eve of an unsuspected trade that sent fan favorites Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw to Los Angeles for the rights to a veteran center by the name of Marcus Camby, the Blazers pummeled the Clippers 109-87.

But that was not the story...well at least it shouldn't have been. Brandon Roy made his return from a nagging hamstring injury, but only played 15 minutes in the first half, and sat out the second because of soreness and tightening of his injured hamstring.

The superstar has only played in two halves since January 17th, and expressed depression after the game Tuesday night.

"If this [pain] is with me the whole season then I don't really have a shot at playing." Roy said.

Asked if he felt his season was in jeopardy, Roy replied: "Yeah, I feel like that. I felt like that last night after practice, being on the bench. I talked to LaMarcus [Aldridge] and he's like 'What do you do next?' Me, I don't know. I don't know where to go." 

It must be noted that Roys mental status may have been blurred by the events that had occurred that day. With the trade that brought the team a proven center, Roy lost his best friend on the team in Travis Outlaw, and the point guard that had played beside him since he was drafted to the team.

He was frustrated, I was frustrated, and Rip City was frustrated.

Not only were we watching this teams' hopes and dreams slip away till next season, Brandon was watching his team struggle to finish games and step on the throat of lesser opponents.

And if we wish to avoid this frustration for the near future, Brandon must rest.

None of this "let's try it and see" stuff.

No more tough guy.

This is a soft tissue injury, and soft tissue injuries get worse—this isn't like a broken finger.

Brandon could end up seriously injuring his hamstring, and down the road it could haunt him.

Scar tissue builds up and makes recovery difficult.

Brandon Roy says he will play tonight, but I can only hope he is 100 percent.

Not "maybe", "sorta", "kinda", or "sure I am ready".

He better be ready.

Or else we will all experience more of the frustration we hate.