The Denver Broncos : 2010 Options.

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 27:  Knowshon Moreno #27 of the Denver Broncos runs the ball against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Broncos 30-27.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The first point and direct point with the Denver Broncos is Peyton Hillis. Ive spoken to numerous friends and all agree my option for Denver is the best. Move Sheffler our and put Hillis in. Thats right. Trade sheffler for a late rounder and Hillis to TE. He has the size and blocking power to stop alot of De's. His height being the only problem but he has great hands and can jump better than any TE would need. He is ill used and mostly under rated. Richard Quinn maybe the next big TE but the looks of last year is he does not have that Fire. Hillis needs to be givin an important role in the Denver locker room. Other wise use him as bait for Shanny who loves the guy.

Knowshon Moreno. I am probably the biggest Moreno fan in Denver. I bought 3 of his rookie on field jerseys. One for the wall and 2 to wear. One for the stadium and one for Saturdays. ( I sold one after a friend learned yes he is a bad man) Yep already. His production under the Zone scheme was less than desirable but when he ran with his heart he was very Barry Sanders like. Lamont smith and my mother are colleagues and so I have a little love for Me.Sanders. Moreno will be great. He is my 2nd favorite Broncos right now. I say 2nd just because he needs production still. However I follow this kid. He needs to be let loose. The power scheme change will show Moreno is in fact an Elite back in the NFL

Brandon Marshall. This is my favorite Bronco. Yes Bailey is THE MAN. The most loved player since Elway. I own no Bailey Jerseys. My boy Joose has a huge Bailey collection including personal items. Even he know Marshall is The Beast. Brandon Marshall would take the Broncos a minimum of 3 years to replace. the training to get the kind of threat he poses. The right player who can take the hits. Ive heard Dez Bryants name thrown around. Yes he is a great prospect. Marshall is a great NFL player now. He performs at a high level among the best now. To give up Marshall and hope to sign another Marshall just to be another Marshall for us is ignorant. Sign the man. Stipulate his bonus with off the field guideline's. We have what I believe to be the best receiving core in the NFL. Yes I said that. no way we can afford to lose The Beast. MCdaniels will listen to offers for him. Anyone would. I hope he realizes only the top offers are worth it. If not we have a top reviever, I would pay to go see Marshall. We need him as a city. Denver Bronco football cannot become the lame boring once a week display alot of other fans in the NFL have to deal with.  Marshall keeps it interesting whether you like it or not.

Doom. this is a gauruntee. Unless once again we get serious compensation Doom is a Bronco for his carrer. so on to the next.

Kyle Orton. He is a good QB. The best back up in the NFL. He is not the guy who will be the face. He is not the Cutler we loss. Good and bad. He is however the best quarterback other than Plummer and Cutler since good ol Johnny 7. We need to release Simms. Keep Brandstater. Look at Tony Pike if he is available and move on with Orton, Brandstater, and a 3rd option. Simms is not and will never be a Bronco I will ever respect or Love. Ever. Denver deserves better. The fans deserve better. period.

DL.. our defensive line was great at 1st. due to the magnificent back field play that allowed the d line to advance early on. we need locomotives up front. McD knows and doesn't need the nagging. But you get it.

Coaching. McD is a great coach with problems understanding the full aspect of the job. He actually did a great job most of the time of breaking down defenses. His thinking is supprted by teams like the Colts who sport similar dunk and dink offenses to run the clock down. The effectiveness of his offensive must include a longer range though. Sam Bradford would be a PERFECT fit for anyone with similar systems. He would be wasted with nothing but big throws all the time as he has a scary accurate arm. Will he be a Bronco. No way. Unless God is a Bronco fan. He is clearly ahead of the class for his age group of coaches. He should prove to be a much better coach next year now that he has a full year under his belt.

I always say the Broncos need to resort back to the Orange jerseys. I have wrote other articles expressing this an have had numerous people agree. the AWAY uniforms should be the ALL BLUE uniforms. do away with the white uniforms for now. Orange and white for home. BLUE/BLUE away. that would be awesome. Sorry Had to throw that in.

This was more a random though about some options we are facing. I love the Broncos fans dont take a break even in the off season. keep those great draft mocks coming and lets all hope that in the end we are a better team than last year. The AFC takes back the Lombardi. The AFC WEST is no longer the NFL's joke. No matter how competitive it may get. Lastly the Chargers fail again as we all know we hate them in Denver. Well ok. So till next time. Im out. Broncos baby.