Saints Win! I Am On The DL...Pitchers and Catchers Report To Phillies!

Judy DavidsonCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 16: Pitcher Roy Halladay (R) of the Philadelphia Phillies and senior vice president and general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. answer questions from the media on December 16, 2009 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

While everyone was relishing or weeping over the Super Bowl win of the Who Dat NO Saints I got my first sports injury...on the way to the JJ Elephant Super Bowl Party I skidded, fell and got my first concussion...not in the snow or ice either!  I did a back flip from a defective rug shampooer that leaked on my floor and hit the skids on a slippery laundry room floor on my way out the door.  The party I understand was fabulous and it was a celebration of Jeff's apparent full recovery after and 8 month battle with a rare cancer.  Some times the football gods are just not with you.  I tried to watch the game from bed (not knowing I concussed (sic) and saw double the players on the field and could not read the screen.  A big congrats to friend Jahri Evans.  Who Dat?  The Saints - and I picked them to win in September and had to miss the party.

So much for me - but that is why this post is late.  Roy Halladay, can it get much better than this?  Philly is crazy with WS  fever.  I would have preferred that we keep Lee as well - an unbeatable line up -  but it did not happen.  The latest word is that Halladay was and will be coaching Hamels...perhaps it will work.  Hamels (in my humble opinion) needs to pitch 4th in the line up and show he is worthy of the 2 spot. I am hoping a late season deal with Seattle prior to the World Series will bring Cliff Lee back to Philly.  Stranger things have happened.

The great thing is that we are finally building a Phillies Dynasty, something us oldsters have been longing for for....well forever.  Lidge seems to have his mojo back, Moyer is doing better than expected and we have J A Happ and Blanton who are dependable.  Now the pitchers need to stay healthy.  I will deal with hitters another time.

Overall. glad football season is over.  the Eagles, as usual were a big let down.  My head hurts and I am seeing double but baseball season is coming and so is a trip to spring training.  Visions of Phillies dance in my head. and once the snow melts, Lefty's ball from The Vet permanently will find a home at my café for all to admire and remember the good old days when Tugger said               "You gotta' believe."  This year I am a believer!