Tigers Apology Not Accepted

Bill GalluccioContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

So Tiger Woods just spoke to the "media" and read a prepared statement where he "apologized" to everybody.

I do not accept his apology. Why? Because I do not need one.

His infidelity did not harm me, nor did it harm ANYBODY in the world, except for his wife and children, and maybe some of the women he led on. They are the only ones who he needs to apologize to. What he did in his private life is nobody's business but his own.

Now I know people are going to claim he is a role model, and that he let down people who looked up to him. I do not believe that athletes and celebrities should be role models. There are plenty of other people who are better role models: police officers, firefighters, Nobel prize winners...people who actually make a difference in the world.

We need to get rid of our fixation with the private lives of these celebrities and focus on what they do on the field. We need to leave the man alone. I think the media needs to get over it and just move on with real news.

Right now in the sports world we have the Olympics, where the USA is leading the medal count, the basketball trade deadline just passed, there is a golf tournament gearing up for the weekend, pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training, and for those across the pond there is soccer.

All of these are bigger stories than Tiger Woods and his personal life. But you wouldn't know that watching ESPN, because right now as I type this they are talking about Tiger Woods on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News.

There is no need for ESPN to have a body language expert dissecting Tiger's speech. Why does it matter? Can ESPN and TMZ please leave sports alone and just cover the on the field aspects? Everywhere I turn today it is Tiger this, Tiger that.

Talk about overkill.

Sports is supposed to be an escape from the real world. Sports a place where an adult can be a kid again and cheer for his favorite team or player. Sporting events are places where it is okay to scream and yell and make a fool of yourself by dancing in the aisles.

Can we please get back to that?

I am tired of hearing all these negative stories about athletes. Let's focus on the good that a majority of the athletes have done, instead of the negatives of a small minority.