2010 Alabama Football Schedule Grossly Unfair: Where Does the SEC Stand?

D. WalkerAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2010

I’ve never been an Alabama fan. I've never really been a fan of any of the old tradition-rich football programs and have always supported the underdogs or the "little guys."  I'm a fan of David and have never really cared for Goliath.

Just for the record, I don't have a dog in this hunt.

Someone commenting on a story I had recently written brought my attention to something that was rather shocking. In fact, it was so surprising to me that I simply didn't believe it at first!

What was the far-fetched information he had written about?

He had mentioned Alabama will play six SEC games in 2010 against opponents who have a bye week prior to the game against the Crimson Tide.

Six teams with bye weeks before the Alabama game? It simply couldn't be true!

Often readers will write comments that turn out to be lacking in truth and short on facts. So I went in search of information that would support or debunk what the reader had written.

I pulled up every 2010 football schedule for all SEC teams and began a careful research of each team’s schedule. I checked each team carefully. Then I double checked.

Something must be wrong I thought. So I checked a third time.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was true! Six teams somehow were able to juggle their schedules to create a bye week the week before taking on Alabama.

How could the SEC allow this to happen? Do SEC officials have nothing at all to do with scheduling of conference games? Does the SEC care at all about fairness?

Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore successfully prompted a review of the issue at a meeting of SEC athletic directors in December.

"Athletic directors were receptive to the conference reviewing it and into trying to provide solutions to cutting down the number of open dates," SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom said. "The consensus feeling of the group was that there was inequity in the number of open dates for opponents prior to playing Alabama as opposed to other schools."

No kidding?

During the 2009 season, Alabama faced three SEC teams that enjoyed an extra week of preparation before playing the Tide. I would think that three bye-week teams would be enough to raise the Crimson flag!

"(SEC) commissioner (Mike) Slive, (SEC Executive Associate Commissioner) Mark Womack and the athletic directors were very receptive, and they are willing to review the issue," Moore said in a statement.

"Now that it is on the docket for our next meeting, I am confident that it will be reviewed in a thoughtful way. I am hopeful that serious thought will be given about what can be done."

There is something very unfair about Alabama's 2010 schedule. Can anyone say differently?

You may love or hate the Crimson Tide, but anyone who is a fan of college football should be outraged with the SEC for allowing such blatant unfairness.

Now that this issue has been brought to the conference's attention, some SEC officials are suggesting maybe something could be done in time to impact the 2010 schedules.


Did the SEC really have to wait until somebody screamed "foul" to do something about the fairness of schedules?