Baron Davis: We'll Miss You In The Bay Area

K ShakranSenior Analyst IJuly 3, 2008

A great deal of people are bashing the former Golden State Warriors' franchise player, claiming that he was a traitor by selling out the environment he had the most extraordinary days of his career at.

Not me.

I won't even comment on what occurred on that gloomy, disturbing night of June 30th when I inadvertently clicked on the San Francisco Chronicle website in my Firefox Bookmarks instead of checking my email. There it was with the headline loud and clear: Baron Davis Shockingly Opts Out.

I started skimming the article hastily searching for a phrase, a word, a letter, that would explain the whole incident to me. But, the title mentioned it all.

Completely shocked, I thought it was a joke, but five minutes later my phone started vibrating, signaling of an "incoming" text message. "Dude, WTF? B-Diddy opted out!!!" Another message arrived,"Ay, I just heard BD opted out. Is this sh*t true?"

30 Minutes later, I made sure it was true by ESPN News.

Somehow, I couldn't imagine Davis, our Boom Dizzle, departing from the place he established himself at. It's hard to criticize him, considering he raised the Warriors from the ashes and made them good, fun to watch and a "potential" playoff contender. 

Consequently, I would like to say: Baron Davis, thanks for a wonderful 3 years of absolute determination, revival, and utter dedication to the franchise.

Every Warriors' fan will remember the vivid memories that you left in every spectator's heart. We'll remember the PA announcer shout, "8th Season out of UCLA, number 5, BAROOON DAAAVIS!"

We'll remember arguably the best dunk in NBA playoff history against Andre Kirilenko with the fans crazily jumping out of their seats.

We'll remember the game winning shot against the Celtics with 6 seconds left on the clock. We'll remember you're great jump shots, one hand dunks, questionable shot selections, and most importantly your smile.

Now, after departing to your home town, Los Angeles, you'll have a true power forward and center to play with. But deep inside there, I know you'll  miss the Bay Area and you'll miss the up-tempo style, no doubt.

Thank you for a wonderful and fruitful experience in the Bay Area, BD.

It was initiated by Jason Richardson and now by Davis, but the Golden State Warriors have a bright future to look ahead to or a franchise transforming one.