Should the Bengals Sign Terrell Owens?

Matt David@@mattdavidkyCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 27:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills rushes a reverse against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Point: Yes, a one-year deal for Owens would enable them to draft a wide receiver after the first round.

Counterpoint: I say no. He is not coming off a great year and is another year closer to retirement.

P: I get that he is getting older, but he isn't washed up yet.

CP: There is the age thing and the fact that he has pretty much destroyed team chemistry where ever he has been.

P: Lets first look at production. I think he can still play.

CP: He put up 55 catches for 829 yards. A decent 15.1 yards per catch.

P: If you look at all the receivers that caught 50 or more balls last season, 15.1 yards per catch is good for 13th in the league. Not too shabby especially considering he had Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing to him. Even the Carson Palmer-haters would concede he is much better than those two.

CP: Agreed on that. The thought of him and Ochocinco together makes me uneasy.  Ochocinco is the go-to guy now so he is happy. With Owens on board, he will start the tantrums again.

P: I don't see that. Ochocinco and Owens have been chums for years. Owens will be fine also. He wasn't a problem in Buffalo last year. He would have to come in knowing that the team comes first. He may only get 40 or 50 catches and will have to be fine with that.

CP: The reason he bounces around is because he tends to bring teams down. He blames the quarterback, offensive coordinator, or any other scapegoat he can find when things don't go well.

P: I concede that he caused problems in Dallas and Philadelphia but he has been a choir boy in Buffalo.

CP: Wow, he managed to go a season without causing major problems. Hooray for the choir boy. Anyway, when a team as weak as Buffalo is not trying to get him back, that should tell you something.

P: Buffalo is moving on because they have a new coach who wants his own players.  They are rebuilding.

CP: That could be part of it or it could also be that he has lost a few steps and drops a lot of balls.

P: If they get Palmer going again, they could have a lot of fun celebrating in the end zone.

CP: Oh, the lame could I forget?

P: Oh yeah!  They will come up with all kinds of fan-friendly stunts.

CP: Great...can't wait to watch the spectacle.

P: Me either. The Bengals could give him a one year deal. If he acts up, cut him. I think he still has something left, though. The media likes to manufacture stories about what a bad person he is.  I'm not sure that is reality. The Bengals locker room is not so weak that a single player can kill it.

CP: ESPN manufactures drama? You don't say.

P: He would be more of a threat than Laveranues Coles.

cP: I won't argue that he is better than Coles...not as much as you are saying though.  Also, Coles is a real pro.

P: I'll give him that. However, Owens would command more attention from the defense than Coles. They could not overload on Ochocinco.

CP: Defenses will have to pay attention to him.

P: Yes, Owens is the big, strong receiver this team needs.

CP: If the Bengals remain a run first team, he won't get enough balls to meet his needs.

P: The Bengals were run first in 2009 out of necessity. With Owens, Jones, Ochocinco, and an ascending Andre Caldwell, Carson Palmer will have some real weapons.

CP: It sounds much more dangerous than the 2009 core. Maybe Simpson can get on the field too.

P: You just read my mind. Owens, Jones, and Ochocinco may be able to help get that kid up to speed.

CP: Shouldn't they pursue Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin instead?

P: Well, those two have been known to cause problems like Owens. In any case, the Bengals aren't going to go in that direction. They don't have a history of making the moves required to get one of those two. Owens fits right into what they love to do.

CP: Yeah, barrel scraping and bargain hunting is what they love to do. Maybe they could trade up to get Dez Bryant.

P: Again, they have rarely made moves like that.

CP: I suppose.

P: At worse, he would be a decent threat to go deep which will further improve the running game and spread the field, particularly on third down.

CP: At 36, I don't think he is much of a deep threat anymore.

P: He keeps himself in great shape. This is well known.

CP: I guess you are impressed that he looks good with his shirt off. The rest of us want results on the field, though.

P: He can still do it. You saw what he did with mediocre quarterbacks last year.

CP: Do you think Mike Brown would bring in a guy who has a long history of criticizing quarterbacks? Mike Brown loves him some Carson Palmer.

P: That would have to be straightened out upfront. Again, if he acts up, cut him. This is a classic low-risk, high-reward move.

CP: I'm still skeptical.

P: One more thing...they brought in Jones already. With Owens, they can draft the best player available instead of an unpredictable first round wide receiver.

CP: Maybe a tight end?.

P: Exactly.

CP: Yeah, this idea is growing on me.


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