Time for Leeds United To March On

Piet BairdContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

LEEDS, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 03: Robert Snodgrass #23 of Leeds in action against Niko Kranjcar of Spurs during the FA Cup sponsored by E.ON fourth round match between Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur at Elland Road on February 3, 2010 in Leeds, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As with the last two seasons, Leeds United have struggled through the post New Year period. Both seasons brought about watershed results against Cheltenham and Hereford, preceding strong finishes to the season. 

This is not the time to highlight this season's hiccups, but for the team and supporters to stop living in fear and start believing once more. This is Leeds United. No that's wrong—this is mighty Leeds United. This is a team full of strong leaders and enforcers complimented by players of guile, finesse and pace.

When Brighton line up for kick off against Leeds on Saturday, they should see Leeds players with flared nostrils, whose fists are pumped with determination, bulging foreheads and the steely, focused eyes of the Leeds players fixed unerringly on three points.

The Leeds players must be determined to crunch in to every tackle leaving no 50-50 debates unanswered. It should be the Brighton players writhing on the ground after each tooth juddering tackle. It will be Leeds that will start with such pace and passion that after 20 minutes, Brighton will be praying for the Final whistle not just halftime.

Every Leeds player should look at himself in the mirror before the game and see a fire and will, a bloody-minded determination to win at all costs and no fear. The simple fact is Leeds are good enough. with self belief and enforcing their way through the first part of the game, they will be able to play their own brand of football in the latter part, and they will win.

Any player who doesn't feel this passion should respectfully hand their kit to Simon Grayson to pass on to the other players that will fill the shirt and play with passion and pride. I don't believe Leeds have many, if any, players who don't feel the need to play with passion and pride for the club.

It's not just the players. Every fan who can justifiably raise the funds to get in to the ground to support the team should do so. Let's not stop there. Make noise like never before, holler and shout and sing until your voices go hoarse.

Brighton may be looking forward to playing at Elland Road, but let's make sure they know this isn't their home. This isn't a welcoming place, it’s not their place, this is home to Leeds United. No, this is Elland Road, home of the Mighty Leeds United. Let’s make it known this is our place, and  this isn't going to be a nice place to be representing Brighton or Oldham over the next few days.

For those who can't make it, who have been watching TV or listening to the radio in trepidation in recent weeks as to which way the opening goal in the Leeds game has gone, you need fear no more. It is once more a case of expecting the update that tells you Leeds have scored and scored again, and again and again....

It will be Brighton’s survival hopes that lay bloodied and shattered by 17:05 on Saturday. Their fans will travel home beleaguered but happy in the knowledge that when they do avoid relegation, at least Leeds won't be in League One next year to dish out more of the same!

This is it, the run in to promotion, a time to stand tall, stand together and celebrate together. A time for the team to play and for the fans to support with belief. It's time to start hunting down Norwich and being less concerned with what is happening behind Leeds in the League. Everything is in place here, a quality team and the very best fans in the world.

This year, Leeds United will go Marching On to Promotion because no one in this League should be able to stop Leeds...ummm, let me rephrase...no one in this League can stop Leeds!!