Random Thoughts On The Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Draft

steeler junkyContributor IMarch 9, 2017

Karl Walter/Getty Images

                There are many choices for the Steelers to address in this upcoming draft. The biggest of course will be their 1st round pick. But all the following choices are just as important for the future of the team, Who, where and what positions will they chose?

                Offensive tackle? It's Possible, O Linemen have been going like hot cakes the last couple years in the 1st round and the Steelers don't often get any higher in the draft than this unless they trade up. Colon will be a RFA this year without a new CBA. Essex, Stapleton and Hills will also be FAs in 2011.

               But what about CB? Gay is a FA this year and he didn't play well last year. The best CB will go in rounds 1 & 2.We could hope that Lewis will show something. He did have an injury last year and got a very slow start much like Timmons  in his 1st year.

               Safety seems to be one of the fan favorites.This is one of the deepest safety drafts ever. Should we try to get E. Thomas in the 1st round or should we try later for someone like Rolle.

              OH! Don't forget about linebackers. Don't we need another young linebacker? This could be Farrier's last year. Also Frazier , Fox and Woodley's contract are up in 2011.

              NT you say? I believe we'll franchise Casey, But Hoke's contract is up next year and Paxton's been on the practice squad for 2 years so it could be his last year .So some where in the draft or undrafted FA signings we need to do something about that position also.

           We sure could use a Center too. Decisions ,decisions, What to do,what are we going to do?