World War Formula One, a Season Of Relishing Promise

Muazzin MehrbanCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2010

After being treated to a season of disjoint rather than distraction, formula one looks set to return in truly grand slam fashion this year. In the months building up to a new calender, unlike last year, the talk this time has been about the sport's most important personalities, the drivers. Apologies to Messrs Moseley and Ecclestone. 

Although car specs and liveries will be as contestable as ever, it will be the men behind the wheel - through their hands, eyes and feet - that will define the season. Love him or hate him, the world's most decorated marmite man is returning. Teaming Michael Schumacher up with German prodigy Nico Rosberg appears a stroke of genius by Brawn and Co. There lies the perfect combination of master and rookie, the wizard and his apprentice. Furthermore, the all German pairing will galvanise the support of a whole nation in much the same way A1 racing has attempted to do, but to little effect.

McLaren too have followed suit. The all English line up though would seemingly lack the same level of cohesion that Mercedes will muster. Neither Hamilton nor Button, regardless of what number rests on their respective cars, are likely to concede they are not the team's premier champion driver, despite both probably harbouring viable claims deep down.

No world war would be complete without input from across the Atlantic. US F1 has promised, as with all American forays into sports contested by the rest of the globe, that they plan on bringing formula one to big time, while at the same time prove that US racing formats, primarily indycar, has the technology to compete with Europe and Asia in formula one.

Finally, the return of Lotus, a name that resonates motorsport pedigree, will provide a welcome throwback to an era when; pedal to the metal was all that mattered, not KERs, not diffusers, and nobody sent round spies.

The world's second most famous Michael is back, Lotus has returned, the US threatens and this is the first time in the piece i will mention Ferrari. Would wishing that Russia and Raikonnen were involved be asking for too much...?