Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, and the Age Old Reality of Browns Fans

Greg CookseyCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

So it's that time of year again.  With literally weeks remaining until NFL training camps open, we here in Cleveland already have our attention turned towards the Browns.

With this in mind I figured I might as well sound off about a long-standing concern. It's been an issue of debate from the time both Bernie Kosar and Vinny Testeverde were here up to now: who will be the starting quarterback for the Browns.

Not that this team doesn't have more pressing needs to focus on, but the fans seem to enjoy this and make it their favorite topic. Before I write anything else about the Browns this season let me give my take on the current quarterback situation.

We have two very good very young quarterbacks with the potential to be here for a long time. Both have good heads on their shoulders and neither seems to mind the pressure (whatever that may be) of playing for the Cleveland Browns.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, I would like to say something. While I love the prospect of Brady Quinn being the quarterback of this team one day there will be some cold hard facts we'll have to face.

Derek Anderson is the starting quarterback of this football team. He will be the one who, on day one of training camp, you see practicing with the first unit. It will be his job.

Anderson being given every opportunity to prove that he is the right person for the starting QB job is only fair after the year that he had last year. Besides that, if you change now you are only missing a major part of the chemistry of this offense.

And all fans I think would be sick to their stomachs if they had to watch a stagnant offense like they did the first several years of the rebirth of this franchise.

What's more, the team gave him a three-year deal at the end of the year. I don't see them changing their mind anytime soon.

Like I said before, I love Brady Quinn (which is really something for a Buckeyes fan like me). However you have to look at Anderson's stats from last season and figure in the fact that he did throw 29 touchdowns and make the Pro Bowl his first year as a starter.

I simply don't see them holding an open competition unless Anderson really blows during training camp and the preseason.

Bottom line is we have two very good young quarterbacks who are capable of being reliable QBs when called upon. This is a very good problem to have, believe it or not folks.

I personally am a little more concerned about what shape Shaun Rogers will be in and if he stays healthy. Or what exactly Phil Savage is planning on doing about adding some more depth to our cornerback situation. Those are my real concerns.

However, since the days of Bernie Kosar and Vinny Testeverde, Tim Couch and Kelly Holcombe, and now Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, I have come to the realization that regardless of who the QB of the Browns is there will always be a controversy. That's the standard the fans have set. Even if it should really be regarded as a non-issue.