Why The Seahawks Should Draft Defensive Players in The First Round

Bubba GillContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

 With the upcoming draft many Seahawk fans believe we should draft for what we need the most: OL, QB. Well I agree we need those positions filled for the future. But with the upcoming draft can you all really tell me that this year's draft is full of future starting QB's and OL that can truly make a difference? Really?

Or could we all agree that this draft is absolutely abundant with defensive talent. Ndamukang Suh, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry, Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul, Joe Haden, Earl Thomas, Brian Price, you get the point.

Or the offensive power houses of Jimmy Clausen (throws side arm and they say his actual height is around 6'1''), Sam Bradford (injury prone), Russel Okung (a future stud), Mike Iupati (another Hutch in the making) and C.J Spiller (Chris Johnson prototype.) But the truth of this years draft is that its full of amazing defensive talent.

Mike Holmgren has even admitted that his first mistake as GM was that he drafted for needs for the team and not for best available talent. I know my fellow 'Hawk fans are eager to replace the position's that had a lot reason why we lost a lot of games last season.

Yes we need answers at those positions but not in this years draft. I think if Eric Berry is available at No. 6 we grab him.  They say he's the next Ed Reed.

Done ball 'Hawk in the secondary. At No. 14 Jason Pierre-Paul or Derrick Morgan. Done pass rushing freak acquired.

And with our No. 40 then we draft Charles Brown OT USC, TE turned into a Lt that will be a awesome ZBS tackle. Beside Gibbs is known to draft later OL for his scheme.

Just think of the headaches opposing head coaches would have for our defense. Just think of the Super Bowl XXXV. Baltimore Ravens defense won that game.

Just ask the Minnesota Vikings how they are doing with Adrian Peterson when Chester Taylor was coming off of a 1,216 yard season. Minnesota didn't have to draft a running back but the best available talent came up and it was Adrian Peterson.

Wait for our future defense to "mold" itself if we draft those players. Then next year draft the future offense.