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     Last October you heard the big news, TNA signed the wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.  The news was loud and shocking, the Hulkster was coming back but not with the WWE.  After this news was announced, there were other wrestlers signed to TNA contracts.  Some of the wrestlers jumped ship from the WWE and some were unemployed wrestlers and/or wrestlers working the indepedent circuit.  The likes came in;  Victoria, Eligah Burke, Johnson, Kendrick just too mention a few, but then the big man was signed---Ric Flair.

      If we turn the clocks back to say when Hulkamania was running strong in the eighties with the WWWF at that time there was still a shadow cast over Hulk by another wrestling icon---Ric Flair.  The comparision will always be out there on the same lines as Jordon or Chamberlin, Woods or Nicholson, Ruth or Williams too name a few.  Different times and different eras and which superstar for that specefic era was better and/or more impactful. 

     On Wrestling terms the battle will always go on without a definate answer to the question.  Me being a long time WWWF/WWE fan, I still tend to lean towards Flair as a better all around wrestler/performer then Hulk Hogan.  My arguement will always be if you were to take Flair at his prime and put him in the WWWF at the time of the Hogan era, Flair could have and would have set the same records and impacts that Hulk did, but on the flip side put Hogan where Flair was in his prime when he was filling arenas in the South and in the Orient, setting attendence records with a much smaller federation with little money and clout---Hogan would never even be close too the star that Flair was in those wrestling times.

     Hogan could never even have lasted in the ring for twenty minutes with the likes of Steamboat, Piper, Sting, Race, and Von Erich.  The showmanship and the selling of an angle/fued maybe a push, but in my mind there is still no one whom can style and profile like Flair did and like he did tonight in the opening of Tna Impact.


     This leads me to my main point of this article.  Tonight due to all of the Monday night war talk and the lackluster Jerry Springer infected Raw last Monday I wanted to view TNA from beginning to end.  To my surprise, Flair opened the show and he opened it like no one else can.  He set the excitement for the entire show, fired up the crowd, and sold TNA as a main event promotion. 

     I know not one man , not one incident, and not one show makes a promotion and/or makes a winner out of TNA.  I am just saying that I feel as though the wild card if you may, or the secret weapon that TNA can tout is the one and only Flair.

     If TNA was smart and who says there not doing this now, but they should listen to Flairs ideas and opinions.  If anyone knows the business and knows how to perform in this business it is Flair himself.  As I was watching this opening, I tried to think ok whom could have done this anf=gle in the WWE last Monday night.  I am not saying WWE does not have anyone better then Flair, no all I am saying is at this point and time TNA is using their talent the right way going into WARTIME.  As I watched TNA, the only impact I see from Hulk is that the 6 sided ring is gone.  I never was ever sold on Hulk and still to this day feel the same.  I do not see the impact except the name impact.

     I say as the War goes on I feel as  though Flair will be a bigger player in the show and make more of an impact.  It maybe just due to the fact that Flair has and will always be a much better all around wrestler/performer then Hulk Hogan.

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