Get It Out Of Your Systems, Show Me Your Best "Finger" Jokes!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJuly 3, 2008

Alright folks, since the Toronto Maple Leafs signed free agent defenseman Jeff Finger, everyone including myself has came up with all sorts of funny and amazing puns.


Immature? Maybe! But Funny? YES!


However, we can’t help ourselves. It’s like an age joke with John McCain, or a dumb blond joke with Paris Hilton. It just has to come out!


So folks, this is your chance to let it all out. Let’s get it all out of our system.


I want you all to come up with the funniest “Jeff Finger” puns or quotes you can. This is your chance to sink to the lowest level possible. No shame here at all. Besides, better we do it now, so we enjoy the game when the season starts.


Now of course, I have come up with some doozies myself. Here they are!


“Finger penetrates the open zone at lightning speed”


“Finger gets him hard from behind!”


“He just got stomped by Finger.”


“Fletcher may have overpaid, but he got some Finger!”


“Finger once played with Foote.”  


“Finger nails everything in sight!”


“He just got given the Finger!”


“Finger has scored short-handed”


“Finger is always in your face”


“We have a sticky situation involving Finger”


"The Toronto media is very hard on Finger"


"Finger was scratched for tonight's game"


"He's been on Finger all night!" 


Alright, I feel much better now it’s out of my system! It’s your turn folks.


Show me your best “Fingering”!