Who Is Going To Be a Bigger Star In TNA, Matt Morgan or Mr Anderson?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 18, 2010

TNA has a lot of young talent on their roster that looks like future stars of the wrestling industry. I have seen a lot of these men wrestle on Impact every week and there are some guys look bad but there are some guys that can flat out wrestle each and every week very entertainingly. People may harp on TNA for not having any huge names in the company besides Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. I think that TNA may have as many as 10 future world champions on their roster today but there is a question that maybe very hard to answer right now, which guy is going to be a bigger star in TNA between Mr. Anderson.... Wait for it... Anderson! Or will it be the self proclaimed "DNA of TNA" Matt Morgan?

Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan were both released by WWE in their careers for very different reasons but both men did have similarity in WWE, they were not properly used to their full potential. Matt Morgan had a horrible gimmick back in 2005 where he would stutter a lot thus making him a "unwatchable" wrestler most of the time even though he had a lot of potential. Matt Morgan came to TNA for one reason and that was to get himself back on the map in pro wrestling. People have been critical of Matt Morgan for either his lack of mat wrestling or his sometimes sluggish interview skills but the fact is that he can be damn well entertaining. I think about how Matt Morgan had his run against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle last year because that run in his career has really made him into a "player" in wrestling fan's minds. Matt Morgan is continuing to be a better performer inside the ring and on the mic because of TNA's desire to make this WWE reject into a star but also people really are starting to get behind this kid. Matt Morgan is still young and is getting better every day so I have to believe that it is only a matter of time before Matt Morgan is TNA's World Champion.

Mr. Anderson was a star in WWE because of his amazing work on the mic each and every night. Anderson was used by WWE to be in a movie "Behind Enemy Lines Columbia" back in 2008 in order to make him into a bona fide star of the company. Fans really enjoyed Anderson either as a heel or a baby face because of his dedication to become a better wrestler and his entertaining promos. Anderson has had several great matches in WWE from guys like Undertaker to Batista to Shawn Michaels because he was a up and coming star. WWE released Anderson last year for unknown reasons but the internet buzzed over the fact that top stars like Orton, HHH, and Cena said he was "too careless in the ring". Anderson may be a little rough in the ring but isn't that what some guys said about Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle? Well I know that Anderson has already made a big splash in TNA but I still think that Anderson is going to be the top star in the company very soon.

So now I have made some points about these two guys in ring cradintols so I want you fans to put you input on this topic. I want to hear what you guys think about these two and answer the question, who will be a bigger star in TNA.