The State Of Raw's Episode@ 2/15/2010

MARK ROBINSONContributor IFebruary 18, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Mark Henry (L) and MVP are introduced during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

     Everyweek I turn on Raw hoping for an exciting and excellent program like it use to be during the attitude ERA.  Some weeks it meets my expectations and some weeks I have trouble not reaching for my remote.  The weeks I reach for my remote I am disappointed and I question myself on why do I continue to take two plus hours of my time to watch the WWE.

     The first mark against Raw in my eyes is a mark they have everyweek.  When will the WWE realize that the special guest host needs to go and go now.  This week was the apex of this point, Jerry Springer show during a Raw program.  Here was when I reached for my remote and was entertained by the E network watching Rob Khardasian and his brother in law getting trashed in Vegas.  I am and will not stand for this crap anymore on WWE programming.  I wrote early this month for the WWE to scrape this guest host crap.  This week with Jerry Springer was predictable, embarrassing, and plain does not belong in a wrestling ring.  The whole time I was flipping back and forth from USA to E I keep saying were is Mae Young and of course at the end, who comes out but that old broad. 

     The WWe needs to realize that the guest host spot is not benefiting the overall quality of the wrestling program.  It has gotten WWE in the mainstream media and of course that is what the WWE is looking at, but the hardcore wrestling fans cannot be looking at it as, "Oh great, wrestling is getting in the mainstream media.".  Every year, during the road to Wrestlemania, wrestling fans have to tolerate the WWE getting their name and product in the mainstream media by pulling outlandish stunts and adding guests and I can accept that, but for an all year of getting their name in the mainstream media, no more for me as a wrestling fan.

     On to the postitive of Raw and yes their was some, but it sure was not strong enough to erase the bad taste I have after watching this week's episode.  The one angle I do like and was excitied for was the Hitman getting hit in the parking lot.  Of course, this angle opens up so much for the next couple of weeks and months.  Who was it that hit the Hitman?  Was that lady put up to hitting him?  You know we are gonna see the Hitman/Cena vs Batista/Mcmahon tag team match?  Would love to see that because I have always been a big Brett Hart fan and cannot wait to see him in a ring once again.  The car accident angle was a little piece of the attitude ERA when every week there was run ins, beat downs, and questions to be answered in the upcoming weeks. 

     The other item that was a plus in my eyes is the continuing building of one of the most hated WWE champions---Sheamus.  I was not a fan and was not buying into him in the beginning, but now I need to give him his props.  Everyweek, the WWE puts him up for a challenge and he seems to come up and deleviers each week.  Working the mic, he is really shining and to build his character he is shining.  I know he is not a tactical wrestler, but what big muscular types have been tactical.  The likes of Hogan, Batista, Nash, ETc. have been big muscular types that have made a career out of beating their opponents by rough housing and holding onto one great finishing move.  That has been their formula for success and I am a believier that Sheamus can carry that protype into his career.

     The last postitive item for Raw was the main event.  The Cena vs Triple H was a new match that we have not seen for a numerous amounts of times and I was happy with that match.  It had your normal ups and downs of the match by both opponents and of course ended with the runin of Sheamus.  Again another angle that WWE opens at the end and it leaves some questions open for the upcoming Road to Wrestlemania.  Even the pre angle of Batista and Cena talking throught the titantron adds to the angle also.  You know we will be seeing a tag team somewheres down the road of Batista/Sheamus vs HHH/Cena which I would like to see.  Also it may also open up Sheamus---Batista fued later on as well.  I do not think at Wrestlemania, but later on it will happen, but this four will be the main players for the Road to Wrestlemania or at least until they begin to annnounce the Mania's matches. 

     To sum it all up, me being a die hard fan I try everyweek to find the silverlining of Raw because I know the talent is there for this program to be as great as it once was back in the day.  Do not get me wrong, there has been recent times that Raw shined for a certain period of time.  I would like it to shine more and not to keep repeating myself, but the Guest host needs to go and they need to put a regular GM in place and I am hoping they do it sooner then later.