Tom Wilson: Why He's Not Out of the Pistons' Family Just Yet

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

Yesterday morning, Tom Wilson, CEO of the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment, stepped down from his post in a very abrupt manor.

During his tenure with the Pistons, beginning in 1977 as Sales Director, Wilson worked with owner Bill Davidson in building one of the most successful NBA franchises ever.

As of 2009, the Pistons are valued as the fourth most valuable franchise in the NBA at approximately $479 million.  

Not bad considering Davidson bought the team for $6 million.

However, it wasn't only the Pistons on Wilson's docket.  There are several other venues held by Palace Sports and Entertainment that he was responsible for overseeing as well.

There is no doubt that in his 33 years with the Pistons that Tom Wilson has been an integral piece of the puzzle.

However, Wilson's departure just didn't sit right with me.  I seriously doubt he was forced out of the organization when he was responsible for making the Pistons and the Palace into what they are today.

I believe he's going to make a run at buying the organization.  

I doubt that he can afford to buy the team alone, which is why I think he will be part of an investment group that will make a bid to buy the team.

And, if Karen Davidson is going to sell the Pistons, you bet I'm rooting for whatever group Tom Wilson is a part of to win the bidding.

Players and fans alike love owners that are more active than just signing the checks.  For example, Mark Cuban is the epitome of owners today.  He sits courtside for every game and handles much of the player personnel work behind the scenes.  But most importantly, he wants to win.

Not only will Tom Wilson's return to the Pistons help the players and fans, but it will take some of the pressure off of the team's executives.  

Wilson knows where Joe Dumars and Co. were heading with this plan and there's no doubt that the new ownership group would give him the opportunity to finish it.

If there's anybody that wants the Pistons to return to the days when the Pistons were a lock for the conference finals, Tom Wilson is that guy.

The players, coaches and executives alike know what they'll be getting with Tom Wilson as part of the new ownership group.

They'll get a guy who was born and raised in Detroit.  They'll get one of the best in the business when it comes to building a franchise.  They'll get a guy who knows how to win and what it takes to get there.  

Because, that is what the Detroit Pistons stand for, and more importantly, what Tom Wilson stands for.