Bret Hart Fever Has Comeback to The WWE!

Adam WheltonContributor IFebruary 18, 2010

For 12 years, fans of Bret "Hitman" Hart have always had a hope that one day Bret would return to the WWE in some capacity, knowing though that wrestling would probably not be on the menu of things that he would be willing to or able to do anymore since his stroke. When Bret made his triumphant return to WWE Raw on January 4th, the live crowd and millions of television viewers got what they had longed for, Bret Hart was back in the WWE! To see him in the same ring with Shawn Michaels was exciting. I'll go as far as to say it was probably the most exciting WWE TV that I've seen since the late 90's.

I'm sure that there were some who had tears welling up over that special moment. That said, the storyline between Bret & Vince McMahon has still failed to gain any momentum. Bret was kept off TV until February 2nd and I'm sure it was to keep focus on the Royal Rumble PPV but there was no need to kill the storyline for a month.

I have no doubt that many lost interest in that time and Bret's return became to some nothing more than a guest appearance. In the past couple of weeks things looked to be building somewhat and then this past Monday the botched accident pinning the leg of the "Hitman" between two cars. Who write's this stuff? They should be building towards a an exciting WrestleMania 26, but the writing of this storyline leads me to believe that it's going to be nothing more than a McMahon VS Trump repeat which I won't pay to see.

If they're not going to have a showdown of Bret Hart VS McMahon in a singles match, I am sure that many potential PPV buy's will be lost. Fan's of Bret Hart want to see Bret used in a way that does not ruin his legacy. What has taken place so far in this storyline has done nothing to add to his legacy. I seriously hope that this thing picks up momentum fast and that they do NOT use Cena VS Batista as stand-in's!

Bret, you will alway's be "THE BEST" PERIOD!!!  

That's my two cents.