TNHogan: Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Goldberg Updates and Hulk Hogan News

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

Jeff Hardy ’s troubles with the law have prevented him becoming a TNA regular for now, following his initial appearance on the January 4 show. The latest update on this story according to, is that Jeff Hardy apparently does have a TNA deal waiting for him.

The deal will not be signed until Hardy’s legal complications are resolved. Jeff is set to go on trial on the 17th of March.

TNA really has nothing to lose from this situation, as Jeff Hardy is very much known as a former WWE Superstar, hence the negative publicity emanating from this incident is unlikely to affect TNA. That said, it is not a cause for celebration in Orlando.

If Hardy overcomes the charges, TNA would have a star with a huge fan base, used to seeing him on Monday nights. Hardy would certainly play a key role in TNA’s efforts to steal viewers off WWE.

Hulk Hogan And The Man Who Called Him A Bald S.O.B

Mr Hogan LOVES Vince Russo , albeit from a distance.

Bash at the Beach is definitely in the past as Hogan heaped praise on TNA’s writing staff, headed by Russo, in a recent interview with

In particular Hogan emphasized the importance of honesty between the creative minds of TNA, when it came to discussing ideas for the show. His exact words were:

“I love it when people just say what they think in the creative meetings if it's embarrassing or if it's a great idea or a bad idea.”

No arguing with the Hulkster on that point. By the way, what did Russo and Co have to say about Hogan bringing in the Nasty Boys ?

Never mind that.

TNA vs RAW, Every Monday Night

The big news this week of course was TNA announcing their move to Mondays starting March 8. Impact will be shot LIVE every other week, with a taped show in between. Even more ambitious of TNA is the fact that they are going to be on air in the same timeslot as WWE’s Raw, rather than starting their show earlier.

Hogan had his piece to say about the move, and how TNA was planning to deal with it:

“Basically, we can't have a bad segment or a bad show because we're proving our self now.  

Once you get that first number where you beat your competition, then it's a game-changer.

It took me six months to become the No. 1 wrestling company before (with WCW) and we were in the soundstage next door (at Universal Studios) and in six months we were out on the road and the whole wrestling business changed.

From six-to-seven thousand people it got to 11 or 12 thousand people. Competition is good. It's good for everybody.”

We often poke fun at Hogan on the Internet, but his points here are very sound. Achieving the targets that TNA have, that will be the ultimate challenge. Mindset wise, they seem good to go.

Goldberg: TNA’s Next?

Reports have been circulating the Internet recently, linking TNA and former WCW/WWE World Champion Goldberg.

Yesterday, Goldberg addressed the rumours on his Twitter page:

"Let's get the record straight...from my lips...TNA has not contacted me. Period. No B.S."

For what it is worth, I do not think Bill is pulling a fast one on us. He seems to be very focused on his work with his motorcycle shows on TV, and has not publicly shown a real interest in wrestling for quite some time.

Mr Monday Night In TNA?

Rob Van Dam appeared on the “Right After Wrestling” radio show on Sirius XM, giving an update on the possibility of him becoming TNA Wrestling’s newest acquisition.

As reported by , Van Dam made it clear that TNA are very interested in bringing him in, and also outlined the pros of signing with TNA over WWE:

“I feel fairly optimistic because I know TNA is trying really hard to make a good deal for me and that's basically where we're at.

WWE would love to have me come back on a full-time basis, but as you know by pointing out that Hogan called into my radio show and stayed on for about an hour, they have been very pro-active and trying to acquire RVD.”

Van Dam then went on to complain about his treatment in WWE during his last run in the company:

“WWE had me so burnt out because my contract said I would get a weekend off every month and I never did and they wouldn't give it to me.

When I would tell them I'm so burnt out I don't want to be here and I'm resenting traveling and coming to work every day, they would double-book me.”

Strong words from Mr Monday Night, considering some of Van Dam’s best moments came in the WWE, including his WWE Title win at One Night Stand 2006.

Sure, he did drop the title not too long after that.

On that occasion however, it was RVD himself, and not WWE who mucked it up .

All said and done, there is no denying that Rob Van Dam would be a valuable addition to TNA, even if the roster is overcrowded.

Despite entering the WWE as heel through the InVasion, Van Dam became a fan favourite with his high risk brand of wrestling and his confident swagger.

As TNA look to compete with WWE, Van Dam is another name who could help TNA snatch some of the 18-49 demographic within Raw’s audience.

TNA Impact: The Pope and the Champ

Without spoiling tonight’s TNA Impact (SPIKE AT 9/8C), expect a face off between TNA World Champion AJ Styles , his mentor Ric Flair and the new No. 1 contender, the Pope,  D’Angelo Dinero .

That concludes this TNHogan report. What do you guys think of TNA signing Jeff Hardy? Or Rob Van Dam? Or Goldberg? Or all three of them? Plus Hogan and TNA on Monday nights, competing directly with Raw.

Is it a disaster waiting to happen, or a stroke of genius from TNA? Do drop a comment and tell us all.

Image Credit: Online World of Wrestling


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