5 Wrestlers That Need To Retire From Pro Wrestling

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

What does Pro Wrestling require? It require. in terms of physical condition, fitness, speed, agility and most of the times (with the exception of luchas, and high flyers) strenght.

There are currently some wrestlers who lack most of things I mentioned above, hence I think they should retire.

5) The Undertaker

Yes, I DO know I am going to get a lot of hatred for this but I think the Deadman is not the same. Back in the 80s he was a destroyer, a soul-owner; but today he is nothing more than a man in his middle 40s.

The thing is that he keeps buring talent. Remember a guy named CM Punk? He was at the main event, until Taker came in destroyed him in less than 10 minutes at Hell In a Cell, made him job to him for 2-3 times and then BURIED him. 

The Undertaker has lost his speed, and most of his physical condition, and yes his entrance is still great, but isn't it getting old after the 10000 time?

4) Batista 

Ah, Dave Batista Bane of my existance. He might look is shape(I will skip the steroid issue because I haven't got proof.. YET), he might look strong, but lets just say that he has as  much passion for wrestling as the Nasty Boys for salad, and that his arrogance is larger than the ass of Yokozuna.

I still don't get it, he wrestles for 2 -4 weeks (during which he beats the living crap out of the likes of Jericho, Orton, Mysterio etc) buries a lot of talent, and then he gets "injured", goes home and rest for like 2 months.

This guy is trouble in the locker room, provoking a brawl with Booker T, he barely wrestles, can't carry a match on his own and he can be outrunned by a turtle. I don't think he has place in the WWE or Tna or anywhere else. I my opinion the Animal must go back to his cage.

3) Ric Flair

Ok, back in the 80s he was pure-perfection, but what is this man doing in wrestling today? He has captured 16 world titles, defeated the best of the best, won the Rumble match and got inducted in the HOF. 

In addition the man can't wrestle any more, remember his retirement match against HBK at WresleMania? Shawn was flying around the ring and Flair was just standing in the middle giving a big boot, or a shoulder-block and some punches, supplexes etc. This combined, with a great crowd gave Flair a great retirement and created the illusion that he could still set-up a great match, ignoring the fact he was wrestling against a man that can even make a monkey look like the Hitman.

And know, he splits on the face of HBK, and WWE to go to Tna? What will he do at TNA? There is nothing more to achieve, he is the most decorated wrestler ever. The only thing he will do is to burry talent.

2) Kevin Nash

I just can't help but hate this guy. Unlike No. 5 and 3 he didn't even deserve what he achieved, and know he is wrestling at TNA? 

It doesn't take a genius to find out he is ancient, this man is boring on the mic, old, stale wrestler that can be outwrestled by my lil. bro. Nash achieved greatness due to politics, but know he will do nothing more than take valuable space on the TNA roster. 

The only saving grace is that we won't have a nWo reunion.

1) Hulk Hogan

Many people will think I am a Hogan hater, as a matter of fact I am a huge fan of the Hulk, still I believe he should retire, because he is very old and he will do nothing than Berry talent.

Hogan was never a good wrestler to start with, but he was a great charismatic entairtainer. During the 80s there wasn't better superstar than him. We all witnessed the reaction the atomic leg drop got.

But know he is at his late 50s, in a bad shape and to make matters worse he can't even perform the leg drop, just imagine in how bad physique he is. Hogan is addicted with the spotlight, he can't stay away from it. In one aspect this shows passion, but in another it shows that he wants attention always.

With the money he has got from wrestling he can live in a solid gold home. And it is time for the Hulkster to go home. This doesn't necessarily mean HulkaMania will die, Hogan fans will always exist, but he must simply stay away from wrestling.