Did the Clippers Tamper with Davis? Along With Other News From Around the Bay

Jack MeoffCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

The NBA needs to do some digging.

I find it hard to believe that Baron Davis decided to leave $17.8 million on the table just because he thought the Clippers might sign him.

Am I really supposed to believe that he decided that the off chance that Donald Sterling, who’s notorious for letting talent walk over money, was going to shell out $65 million for a point guard who’s missed 150 games over the past six seasons?

For a player whom is so loathed by coaches and GM’s around the league that he was shamelessly shut out of the All-Star game this past season?

It smells, and David Stern should look into it.

Don’t expect Elton Brand to take the Warrior’s offer either. He’s “mulling it over” right now in order to make things look good.

I bet he gets $10 million more out of Sterling, which will put them $10 million over the luxury tax and bring the total cost to the Clippers up to $90 million. This would match the Warrior offer (in a way). If Elton doesn’t squeeze a little more money out, it’s too obvious.

Davis’ decision puts the Warrior’s in a tight spot. There isn’t a natural point guard on the roster. They offered Arenas the max but I don’t see that either, and truth be told, I don’t think they expected him to sign. They may have just tried to drive up the price as a sort of payback to the Wiz taking Arenas away years ago.


There’s a lot of grumblings around San Jose

Doug Wilson was right to stay out of the bidding for Brian Campbell and Wade Redden. One problem with playing in the West is that you never know how a player is going to make the jump to the more physical and just downright better division.

Campbell looked great down the stretch, but became a liability in the post season. The Sharks already have plenty of defensemen who get bullied in the post season who don’t get paid seven million a year.

One need that’s easier to fill would be third and fourth line forwards.

Rissmiller and Brown needed to go.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing Brian Rolston make his way out West, but unfortunately he went the other way.

Right now the D-men shake out: Rivet, Vlasic, Murray, McLaren, and Carle. Ehrhoff needs to be signed. Vlasic needs to fill out. Carle needs to take a big step. McLaren needs to prove he’s not washed up.

Rivet does what he’s been advertised to do, and Murray played better than anyone could have hoped for last year.

Unfortunately, there's no game changing defenseman the Sharks can pick up that will instantly vault them over the Red Wings.

Wilson so far has made the right move by not tying up cap space.

(Now don't go out and trade for Dan Boyle who's on the hook till he's 38)


Are you really going to write me up for that?

"The grievance alleges that he was unlawfully terminated and asked that he be made whole,"

-Michael Weiner, MLB Players Union

The MLB Players Union is filing a grievance for Shawn Chacon.

Chacon has admitted that he grabbed his GM by the throat, threw him down to the ground, and jumped on top of him.

That’s not an action that merits termination?

What exactly would merit termination Mr. Weiner?

Aggravated assault isn’t enough?

I would love to get a job at the Player’s Union and start picking people up by their necks and throwing them to the ground.

Would they write me up for that?