With Jamison Acquistion, It Becomes "Now-Or-Never" For The Cavs

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With Jamison Acquistion, It Becomes
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Okay, it might not be all that cut and dry, but it has got to be pretty close. The customary Clevelander anxiety is still not quelled.

With seemingly every media outlet making it their duty to at least have one writer or analyst decree that it would be in LeBron James' best interests to continue his ascension to further greatness elsewhere, Danny Ferry did probably the best job he could've done by retaining the blossoming JJ Hickson, and keeping his main guy happy.

The sad thing is, it still may not be enough.

The old warhorse, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, had to be sacrificed to make it happen. And therein lies the crux of the issue. What if Ilgauskas decides to immediately latch onto another team, instead of taking the assumed thirty-day break to return? What if Antwan Jameson flounders, while Amare' Stoudemire, the initially assumed big-ticket target, flourishes? What if it all goes south again when their opponent gets hot at the right time for them, but the absolute wrong time for the Cavs (as Orlando so rudely showed last summer)?

Yeah, that was a lot of the cart going before the horse here, but if you've lived it even just once, you know that even the best-laid plans aren't always fool-proof.

The simple epilogue to the Antwan Jamison courtship is this: If this haul with Jamison doesn't work as the means to its' two-pronged end of bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy to Cleveland and making it an easier decision for James, then Danny Ferry must pay with his job. And he knows it.

Now Cavs fans wait to see if Antwan is rejuvenated on the team with the best record in the league after a tumultuous trainwreck of a season in Washington. They hope to see Big Z return to the team that he has literally broken his body for throughout his career.

But ultimately, probably even more than a storybook ending with trophy in hand, they hope that this will be enough to sway their prized jewel from wondering what it would be like to be the opponent instead of the franchise.

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