Open Mic:What Defines a Sport?

Andres SoteloCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

[Article Has Not Been Edited]

In this day in age the duration of sports has become so broad and worldwide that it has consumed our society and spit her back out.

For most of us, sports overshadow our way of living; it is our way of life and the air we learn to breathe. If the competitive world of sports were to be taken from us today then in return a piece of our hearts would be lost. The unbalanced feelings of sorrow through loss or feelings felt through victory would never be felt again in a competitive nature. But as I sit here and wonder of such a world I can't help but to think is the everyday life we live really different then a specific type of sport. Or what is a sport, and what defines it? Is working hard for a promotion at a regular job any different then a professional athlete working hard to get a new contract? Isn't any individual that works hard and stays dedicated to his ultimate goal, eventually going to triumph or fail just as any other athlete. Do we not try to be the best at what we do regardless of what it may be, attempting to leave a name behind for ourselves just as an athlete does in the record books. Is life not as it is in sports, in that’s it's not always about how hard we fall but how fast we get back up, about how hard we can push ourselves. There are penalties and consequences in life for us just as there are for any athletes who break the rules in games.

Sometimes we win in life, sometimes we lose.

Some might argue physical exertion is what separates the two. Well you go tell that to the Professional body builders who dedicate their lives to their physical appearance, you go tell that to the Marines who put their bodies through vicious training to fight for our country in a war of ‘games’ between two Presidencies. To defy a sport in itself is far too difficult and the word sport has so much more meaning to it and goes far more in depth then most of us perceive. By that I mean as in [football] the New England Patriots are no different to the Indianapolis Colts as in [Hardware Business] Home Depot is to Lowes, or [Fast food] McDonalds to Taco Bell, even [Countries] as America is to Iraq. In my opinion, if there are competitors who prepare at high levels with something to be won, you have yourself a sport. I know my view is a little out there, but is not true? Whether It’s War, an Economy base, Fast Food, Football, Politics, basketball, Golf, Pool or even a National Hot Dog eating contest. All of them take and time to strategize, they take a dedication to learn and master certain types of skills to be the best at what it may be and most importantly they all have an ultimate goal, to be glorious above all.  Life’s just a game that we’re all part of. But what happens to the world when its.... Game Over.