Roger Clemens: Who Really Cares?

Matt TokajerCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

Breaking News: Brian McNamee lawyers say that DNA on syringes turned in will test positive for Roger Clemens DNA.

Who cares? I sure don't. Let the story die with Roger Clemens' legacy. The court of public opinion has, and sadly so, decided whether Clemens is guilty or not no longer matters.

Clemens goes from a hard working role-model to a cheating scumbag. Where's the news?

Unless you've been living on a different planet for the last few years, you know that steroids usage was widespread in the 90's, not only in Baseball but in seemingly every sport.

It's a sad situation that we've become familiar with: a player's legacy can be so quickly and easily ruined, but in reality the league has no one but itself to blame.

And by the league I don't just mean the Players' Union or the Commissioner's office, or even just the players, I mean the whole dang league.

The players who made these decisions chose to throw away their legacies by taking the drugs and the Players' Union and Commissioner simply averted their eyes and let it happen.

It's heartbreaking for the guys who have played the game without performance enhancing drugs, they're the only victims, but with the way it stands, steroids having permeated the league entirely, no one is beyond suspicion.

The real question comes when players like Roger Clemens are on the ballot for the Hall of Fame.

Until then, keep the it to a simple statement of the news instead of over-dramatic reporting as though Roger Clemens was the only man who cheated through the 90's.

So, let us let the stories die, let us move past the "steroid era" and take the lessons learned with us. Let us re-embrace the game.

No, I'm not defending him by saying everyone else did it. I think if he cheated he did a vile thing and corrupted one of America's great sports.

I simply just want to get back to the game rather than focus on the cheating.