So This Is Whats NXT After ECW

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IFebruary 17, 2010


As most of the community here know is that ECW is over. Last night was the final episode of the WWE's version of the Extreme Championship Wrestling. It was a bitter moment to such a great product fall from such glory and then gets teabagged by Mr.Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Last nights show hit highs and lows between the Tag Team match with ShowMiz vs Golddust & Yoshi Tatsu. The segment with Abraham Washington really shows that he should stay in FCW. While keeping rivalries alive that will transition to the main brands, the wwe creative staff showed they have a few interesting ideas left when they suggested a good looking Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin and Vladimir Kozlov would be formed in the near future.

The shocker of the night of course was when Zeke Jackson beat Christian in a hardcore match.  This was a good match to end ECW on. You had the ECW extreme craziness and it helped get a younger talent over. This match doesn’t hurt Christian at all because it was more of a 2 on 1 match with William Regel in Jackson corner. I’m glad the wwe management is trying to develop more main event talent and Jackson sure has potential to main event future ppv, especially with a great veteran mentoring him.

But enough about the past, let’s talk about the future.  Last night during ECW the roster for a new wrestling/reality tv hybrid called NXT was revealed. I am going to give my take on the teams of mentor and rookie that will be on NXT.

Chris Jericho mentoring Wade Barrett: I have to say this seems like a great heel team to create. Chris Jericho is arguably the best wrestler in WWE.  Wade Barrett is McMahon favorite kind of wrestler, big. Barrett has good mic skills (he has been a commentator on FCW along with Bryan Saxton ever since Josh Matthews got called up) and if you can find tape of his matches, he looks good in the ring.

Matt Hardy mentoring Justin Gabriel: A match made in iwc heaven. Matt Hardy is considered one of the best to never hold a WHC. Justin Gabriel who was Justin Angel ( I like the new name by the way) is a young wrestler who has shown he deserves to be in main events. (Look him up on youtube). I hope this helps develop Justin Angel’s mic skills while at the same time give Matt Hardy a push. (Dear Lord, please let Justin Angel replace the big fat Indian guy who has no talent in Matt Hardy’s tag team)

MVP mentoring Skip Sheffield: Truth be told, I do not know much about Skip Sheffield except he had tag teamed with Sheamus O’RedHead and was an OVW Heavyweight champ.  MVP has always been good in the ring and maybe a Matt Hardy feud will take place on NXT?

Carlito mentoring Michael Tarver: I have no idea who this guy is(if you can find tape I would appreciate it greatly)  but maybe this will put more of a spotlight on Carlito who needs something to do.

The Miz mentoring Daniel Bryan: You all should know who Bryan Danielson is and if you don’t two things. One, Shame on you. Two, I apologize and say go look him up on youtube cause he is amazing a does not need a mentor at all! Hopefully this will be a great paring of young talent that will add a great dynamic to the show. Both men are really good (Bryan Danielson is better than The Miz) and the Miz has really taken off of late. The Miz’s in ring work has become extremely good while his mic skills are on the same levels as the Rock’s. Bryan Danielson is the best indy wrestler I have seen in a long time and hopefully he will make as big an impact as Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuiness) did in tna.

Christian mentoring Heath Slater: We all know how good Christian is, so no need to cover that. Heath Slater on the other hand has been an unknown name in the WWE on tv of late. Heath has wrestled multiple dark matches for the WWE and has looked good in the FCW as of now.  Heath has been a FCW WHC and a FCW Tag Team Champion. This should be a good match up of conflicting characters because Christian as we all know is a face at the moment and Heath Slater has been trying to do a D-bag cow boy gimmick at the dark matches on raw(though it hasn’t work very well)

C.M. Punk mentoring Darren Young: Cm. Punk is one of the best young stars the WWE has had the balls to push in a long time.  The straight head society has helped CM.Punk become one of the best heels the WWE has and I could see him getting knifed by a crazy fan, just like old times…...ah. Any way Darren Young has been around the block working on and off for the WWE for quite some time now and he has help quite a lot of indy championships. Hopefully this match up will give the straightedge society another member to its ever growing flock.

R-Truth mentoring David Otunga: This was really the only pairing on the list I have seen that made me upset, sad, cry, vomit, yell, hit, kill, and do other unspeakable things. I like R-Truth’s charisma and his in ring work has developed at a good rate by his gimmick is too cheesy. David Otunga is a former reality tv star and is married to Jennifer Hudson. He also graduated from Harvard. Besides that I can’t help but think why the WWE would put Otunga in NXT when they have a talented wrestler who is just as good as Bryan Danielson still sitting in FCW, Low Ki.

Overall this show looks like it has promise but I have no idea how the reality tv part can happen with this show. Looks like Mr. McMahon did his homework and this should be interesting to say the least. Oh and check me out at youtube I will be adding a daily vlog on wrestling and other fun things soon. Till then Bye.