Lakers 4-0 Without Kobe, Proves Kobe Not Even Close To Being The Best!

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Lakers 4-0 Without Kobe, Proves Kobe Not Even Close To Being The Best!
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Much to the chagrin of Kobe Bryant fans across the country, Kobe is not the best player in the league. When you put a player like Kobe on a sub par team he scores a lot of points but proved he alone cannot get it done, unlike Michael Jordan several times proved in the 6 NBA titles HE won with the help of his teammates but it was him who put the rings on their fingers.

With Kobe and the Lakers last year the Championship would not have been won without Gasol, and Fisher at the very least. Kobe has been out the last four games and the Lakers have won all four behind stellar performances from the supporting cast of Shannon Brown, Ron Artest, and Andrew Bynum along with the duo of Odom and Gasol. Now granted the Golden State team doesn't really match up with the Lakers at all with a record of 14-38 but they seemed to give the defending champs a run, only to fall much short of an upset win.

My argument begins with some of Kobe's stats a career .455 shooter when you put 19000 shots up at this level you better make 45% of them Michael was a 49% fg shooter advantage MJ.

With 73 less regular season games then MJ, Kobe is at the other end of the court in several statistical categories, maybe not even in the arena yet. After 14 of his 15 seasons Michael Jordan he had 6 Championships, 5 time MVP, and was a 10 time all NBA first teamer. Kobe after 14 seasons is a 4 time champion, MVP once 7 time all NBA first team, and 2 NBA scoring titles, to name a few. 

Michael Jordan was a 6 time NBA Finals Mvp to Kobe's 1. Kobe only winning 2 scoring titles has him ranked below Allen Iverson who has 4 NBA scoring titles, to Michaels 10.

Kobe Bryant is one of the best active players in the NBA, and may very well end up in the top 6 or 8 all time overall but the constant comparison to the man at the top of the list is premature and holds absolutely no water. 

This writer believes that LeBron James with his 6 seasons, 14000+ points, will surpass Kobe and live up to all his "King James" hype in far less then 14 seasons. Who knows in 14 seasons LeBron should be in the 30000 point club and should have at least 3 Championships and who knows what else he will have amassed in the next 4 years! 

Bottom line is Kobe will be a top 10 all time player but even that is a stretch.

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