Lockout Was the Best Thing To Ever Happen To the NHL

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

I hated it when the lockout began, and I never really thought about this until now.

While you are reading this article, think about the same topic really hard.

If the lockout had never happened we might not have the shootout, which I love, but a lot of people hate, so I won't even get started about that.

But the reason that I really am glad for the lockout is the salary cap. Just imagine if we didn't have it, Marian Hossa would not be making $7.4 million this year, it would be more like $20-to-$30 million.

Steven Stamkos, once the lightning sign him, he wouldn’t make $740 000, it would be more like $3 million, for someone who was drafted less that three month before the fact.

What I am trying to say is thank you NHLPA and Gary Bettman, for making the rule changes— even the small ones like, you can't change after your team ices the puck.

Those small rules have maybe gotten us more goals to watch.

I know that goal production has gone down since the lockout, but if you ask me, it would be even lower by now.

I'm not sure what the average amount of goals in a game is right now, but I’m sure that it is about a goal and a half higher than it would be if there was no such thing as a lockout.

To sum up why the lockout happened, the players pretty much just didn't think they were getting paid enough. Well, now, if they think about it like I am, they would see how they are now idiots.

They would be making a lot more money without the cap, which may not have come in if there was no lockout.