Dream Matchup: Oklahoma-Georgia for the 2009 National Championship

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

For the past few weeks I've heard nothing but championship predictions. I've heard everything from USC against Florida, USC against West Virginia, USC against anybody basically. I gotta say that it's getting old.

Yes, USC is loaded again, but what else is new. The only thing I have against that is that, wasn't USC loaded last year? And they still lost to Standford????

I'll say it again, Stanford.

Florida is loaded, again. They lost four games though last year, four. And we're ready to crown them the national champions already. I'll be interested in seeing the way they perform this year with so many new weapons on offense and a solid defense.

West Virginia? Pass. I'll take anyone over them. Ever since the Pat White era started, everyone has predicted them to not only go to the big game, but to win it. That's neither her nor there—bottom line is that you can't make it to a national championship getting owned by USF and having all your dreams shattered by Pitt.

I'll go a different route. I'm predicting Oklahoma vs. Georgia, and why not? Who doesn't like Bobby Stoops or Mark Richt. They are great coaches in their own right. Stoops has another solid team, and Georgia should've been playing for the national championship last year.

I know they didn't win the SEC, but I would've taken Georgia over LSU any day of the week last year.

The only hole in my prediction is these guys have crazy schedules. Oklahoma has home games against Chattanooga, Cincinnati, TCU, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas Tech. They have away games at Washington, Baylor, Kansas State, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State.

This doesn't look like a hard schedule, but if Kansas plays the way they did last year and if Texas Tech is what everyone is predicting them to be, this could be a tough road for the Sooners. There's always Texas too.

Then there's Georgia. This is where it gets tricky. They have home games against Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Georgia Tech.

Then there's their road games. South Carolina, Arizona State, Tennessee, LSU, Kentucky, and Auburn. Not to mention the "neutral site" game with Florida in Jacksonville. I would say Oklahoma has the better chance of getting it done than Georgia.

The thing both teams have going for them is their players. Oklahoma found gems in Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murrey, who is a burner and makes Reggie Bush-like plays.

Their offensive line is massive and their defense is still young and ready, even with the departures of key defensive players like Reggie Smith and Curtis Lofton. They have a lot of talent across the board though, enough to get them to where they want to be.

Georgia, on the other hand, is loaded. Matt Stafford is a growing star. His sophomore year was a giant upgrade from his freshman year. Then there's Knowshon Moreno, who I pick to win this season's Heisman. He's a monster, 1,334 yards rushing with 14 rushing touchdowns last season.

They have a solid receiving core, and their defense is very good with standout cover corner Asher Allen. If these guys can get through their grueling schedule, they will no question be the favorite to win the national championship.

Bottom line is this: both of these teams have great players, great offensive lines, and great coaches. Barring injury, and getting through their schedules, we should see this matchup at the end of the year in the BCS National Championship game.

Sorry USC fans, but I don't think Sanchez is your answer. As for Florida, I might be wrong about this, but when Georgia faces them on November 1, that game will decide who goes to the national championship.