Move Over Ashton! WWE SmackDown! Preview

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IJuly 3, 2008

The man that everyone knows as Kelso came up with the concept of Punk'd. He thought it would be funny if celebrities were pranked during a 30-minute high school joke.

This Friday Night on SmackDown!, Ashton's crown gem gets a major upgrade courtesy of RAW. Here's the preview of tomorrow night's broadcast.

Fatal Fourth of July

Matt Hardy survived the ambush of Chavo and Bam Neely at Night of Champions. Tomorrow night, the wrath of Vickie Guerrero continues to torment those opposed to her Castro-like rule. But she may be biting off more than she can chew.

Hardy will have another round against Chavo, but the two will not be alone. Hardy will defend the United States Championship against Chavo as well as SmackDown! alumni Shelton Benjamin and Kennedy. Even if Bam Neely has a chance of interference, what are the odds that Chavo will be able to survive the Gold Standard and the Green Bay Thunder God?

Am I Better than the Best?

Tonight, MVP will hold the VIP Lounge once more, and his guest will be the WWE Champion, Triple H! It's clear that MVP is still steamed about his talents being underutilized on the weekend flagship. It's clear that since The Game returns to SmackDown! with gold, and Porter wants to step up to the big leagues, this is his chance to get a shot at The King of Kings before anyone else.

But after the events on Monday night, who will strike first blood on a weakened faction and a more motivated Champion?

Buildup or Blow Up?

For over a month, SmackDown! GM Vickie Guerrero has been talking about the arrival of a championship exclusive to only SmackDown! and ECW Divas. That's about as much as everyone, including one half of the participants has heard since the announcement after One Night Stand.

Natalya has been patiently waiting for her first major championship, but the General Manager hasn't unveiled the Divas Championship since Natalya won the Golden Dreams Match. Hopefully tonight, Vickie will take five seconds out of blowing smoke up ours as well as Natalya's ass and tell us when the match or even the unveiling will take place.

Speaking of blow ups,...

CM "Punks" The Rated R Superstar

It's clear that this Friday night will start with the events of RAW's opening. JR was giving his farewell speech to the WWE fans in his home state of Oklahoma when Edge interrupted him to boast about the screw job he pulled on Batista at Night of Champions. Edge was counting on striking a nerve with the superstars of RAW.

What he wasn't counting on was the RAW Roster fighting back. After his former nemesis took him out with a massive Batista Bomb, Mr. Money in the Bank came in and gave the Rated R Retard the perfect sendoff. Now with Deja Vu happening for both RAW and SmackDown!, how will Vickie Guerrero react to the fact that her plans of a well planned celebration go up in smoke thanks to her fiancee's stupidity.

But above all else, how will La Familia react knowing that the Cerebral Assassin is the most powerful man on SmackDown! right now? What will happen now that the Rated R Superstar has been officially "Punk'd" by RAW?

Tune into tomorrow night's Friday Night SmackDown! to find out who will take one step forward en route to The Great American Bash in less than three weeks. One more thing: Expect more surprises to come in the next eight days from both RAW and SmackDown!