Brett Favre: Dear Aaron...

Ben GibsonSenior Analyst IJuly 3, 2008

So apparently this Brett Favre guy is thinking of returning to the NFL.  I'm not sure if you knew that or not.  Well, I'm not sure what Aaron Rodgers knows but let's hope he didn't receive a letter like this:

Hey Aaron,

It’s Brett.  You know, that guy you’ve been handing the clipboard and Gatorade to for a few years now.

I know you’re pretty excited for training camp to officially start.  You’re also probably a little confused with all these rumors about me coming back.

Well, I am here to set the record straight for you once and for all.

I am definitely thinking about maybe coming back and playing at some point in the near future for the Packers or some other team.

Turns out living on a farm all day is not as exciting as I thought it would be.

I like the flannel shirts I get to wear all the time; it compliments my rugged graying hair.  Still, I think I look much better in green personally. What do you think? 

Clearly the team must think so as they have turned my locker into a shrine waiting for my return.

Don’t worry though Aaron, I’ve been keeping busy since I left Green Bay.

I like playing catch with my kids, but they don’t exactly have the same hands as Donald Driver. 

Also, I don’t have to worry about the Giants' secondary picking me off in my backyard, so I’m starting to feel pretty confident that I can do this whole football thing again.

Plus, they are really getting tired of me playing Madden on my XBOX 360 all the time.  I heard I am on the cover this year; I cannot disappoint all those curse-theory freaks out there.

Of course, I can understand why you’re a little bummed.  I mean I’ve ruined more than a few potentially good quarterbacks in the past by letting them ride the pine. 

Tim Couch, anybody?

I mean they’re more likely to go on the injured reserve list due to a splinter than any actual football injury.

So I’m sure you were looking forward to replacing the legend that is me.  Everyone has been asking you about it and I am sure you have been thinking about it.

Well now you can think about it for another year!


You see, I still have not completely made up my mind yet. 

I mean if the NFL would just guarantee me a spot in the Super Bowl against the Patriots for a rematch of my other Super Bowl victory and then I beat them on a last minute drive to ride off into the sunset with two rings and a legion of adoring fans I would do it.

However, Roger Goodell still has not gotten back to me yet.  So the ball is really in his court.

After all, I don’t want to tarnish my immaculate record.   

Then again, maybe the Packers really do not want me. 

Yeah, I had to laugh at that one too.  Of course they want me! 

Do they really want me to end up like Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, or Michael Jordan, ending my stellar career in a foreign jersey looking like a shell of the once great man I used to be?

Besides, "Dancing With The Stars" has not gotten back to me either, so I figure if I cannot win a trophy there I might as well go back and try to win one on the gridiron.

So don’t worry about the media hounding you to get a reaction about all these "rumors."

When (If?) I return everyone will forget you’re on the team like always.

Until then I think you should just sit back and relax.  You’re used to that by now right?


Brett Favre