A Seven-Year Itch The Eagles Can Afford to Scratch?

Brandon WilliamsCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 15:  (L-R) Kevin Kolb #4, Donovan McNabb #5, Michael Vick #7 and A.J. Feeley #14 train during a workout at the NovaCare Complex on August 15, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images)
Len Redkoles/Getty Images

Kevin Kolb is the seven-year itch that leaves some Philadelphia Eagles fans ready to scratch.

What these denizens of quarterback lust fail to recognize is that for all of his production in eight quarters as the Eagles' starter, Kolb is more Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction than Brad Pitt upgrading from Jennifer Anniston to Angelina Jolie.

Make no mistake: the fate of Donovan McNabb will be one of the biggest stories of the NFL offseason. Aside from the potential nuclear winter that could befall the league should they fail to renegotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the decision facing Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie and head coach Andy Reid will cause a drastic shift in the Teutonic plates of the league.

It is become a annual rite of passage for Eagles fans to blame McNabb for the team's failure to reach the Super Bowl. Considering how pathetic he played in a pair of humiliating losses at Dallas to end the 2009 season well short of a trip to Miami, the howling that echoes across the tri-state area is valid. In the manner of a long relationship, McNabb's ill-fated Texas Two-Step has caused Philly faithful to wonder what life would be like with the younger flavor of the month that completed 64 percent of his passes for 741 yards in starts against New Orleans and Kansas City.

(Kansas City. Really, Eagles fans? Do you really want to bank your franchise's future on how a quarterback did against the Chiefs defense? Step back for a moment and read that last sentence. Think long and hard on that one....).

Compared to McNabb, Kolb is the tempting jewel capable of fulfilling the Eagles' vision of hoisting a Vince Lombardi trophy on a clear February night in the near future. In their eyes, K2 is their Brooklyn Decker: the hot fantasy that keeps Philly fans up at night with thoughts of downfield strikes to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin driving their wanderlust.

McNabb? Oh, consider him Cindy Crawford: still hot and capable of getting the job done, but no longer providing the sizzle once expected out of him.

Sure, trading McNabb sounds like the easy and simple solution, but the NFL has been filled with quarterbacks who started the season with September sizzle and ended it as December deadwood. Aaron Rodgers' success in Green Bay since replacing Brett Favre is an exception rather than the rule.

Does the name Rob Johnson ring a bell? In Buffalo, mention of his name elicits a scowl that only Scott Norwood and Brett Hull can provide. Scott Mitchell, anyone?

(Don't worry Arizona fans, Matt Leinhart's name will be on the list in due time).

There are solid grounds to dispatch McNabb to Denver/Cleveland/Buffalo/Minnesota. After 11 seasons, perhaps the time has come for an amicable divorce. Sometimes, the ending of a long relationship can be the best for both parties. Maybe a renewed McNabb would finally reach the promised land, while opening the door for Kolb allows him to blossom into an elite signal caller in an offense that seems designed for him.

As the Eagles ponder this quandary over quarterbacks, both Lurie and Reid should be reminded of the words of the rapper (I hate calling it hip/hop) DMX. In the song "Where the Hood At," X left us with a simple philosophy to mull over when the situation calls for pulling the trigger:

You better bust that if you're going to pull that.