Daytona 500 Run Down: McMurray Wins, Earnhardt Back To Winning Ways?

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Daytona 500 Run Down: McMurray Wins, Earnhardt Back To Winning Ways?
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

If you tuned in for the Daytona 500 you know it was a wild show full of shockers.

The drivers put on a decent show all day long, we saw some come and go as well as come and stay.

One of the center points of the day was the large pot hole in the track. NASCAR flew to red flags to fix it. One of which lasted an hour and forty odd minutes.

Once they got the cars going we saw some intense racing. I'm talking three wide, beating and banging and even some bump drafting through the corners. Jeff Gordon, the one who suggested NASCAR out law bump drafting in the corners, even got in on the action.

Along with the on track action we had to have some pit road drama too. Scott Speed's crew chief, Jimmy Ellege elected to stay out on caution while most of the other teams pitted. They did well for about 20 laps but then sunk like a rock.

But the biggest shock of all was yet to come!

With the help of NASCAR's new 'three attempts at a green, white, checker rule', Dale Earnhardt Jr rocketed to the front taking a total of 19 positions in two G-W-C's. He squeezed places no other driver would dare try, well unless their name happened to be Earnhardt.

If the race would have went one more lap Earnhardt Jr. would have surely won.

Jamie McMurray, the eventual race winner was also a shock. With his new team Jamie McMurray was considered a black horse in Sunday's Daytona 500 but he paraded to the lead and won.


Congratulations to Jamie McMurray and the No. 1 team on their very first Daytona 500 win!

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