Seattle SuperSonics to Leave: Can Oklahoma City Hold Them?

Taylor GramAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

The ex-Seattle SuperSonics have announced that they are moving to Oklahoma City.  But is this really for the best?

The Sonics have fans in Seattle that don't want to see them go, and I'm sure the NBA league offices don't either.  Relocation is never good unless one of the four(!) teams in California wants to spread some NBA love to other parts of the country.

The SuperSonics have decided to try to share that love and leave a place that will be no longer a home to any NBA team.

I don't pretend to know about all the money dealing, but I'm sure OKC is paying the Sonics to relocate to their professional sports empty place.  This could have upside for the Sonics, as they will be the main attraction—if that's what people want there.

The only pro teams that inhabit OKC are the Oklahoma Red Hawks (AAA baseball teams to the Rangers), Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz (Arena Football), Oklahoma City Lightning (National Women's Football Association), and the Oklahoma Blazers (Central Hockey League).

Has it ever occurred to people that if those are the sports teams they have in such a big city, that the residents don't want any?  The guys in charge of OKC are paying these teams to come here, thinking it will help the city—but if no one shows up and income goes down, the owner gets mad and leaves again.

This cycle happened to the Hornets after they left Charlotte, and they now have a nice fit for a home in New Orleans.

How well will people sit on this if they change the team name too?  The Rays were mocked and laughed at when they switched from Devil Rays to Rays.  What kind of stupid name are the people for the Sonics going to make up?  The Rainbow Warriors?  The Clown Capers?

If they want that catchy name that starts with an O to go with OKC, then what in the world are they going to pick?  The only O teams I can think of are the Baltimore Orioles and the Edmonton Oilers—so try to find an O name.

All in all, this is a bad move for the Sonics.

I lay out my prediction now—the Sonics will be gone in three years or fewer.