NBA Trade Rumor: Amar'e Coming to Cavs Seems More Likely

Devon AlexandreContributor IFebruary 16, 2010


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If you haven’t heard of the Amar’e trades you are one of two, you either have no life whatsoever, or you have so much of a life you could barely pay attention.

So to get to the point, the deadline is under 60 hours away, and one of the league’s best big man is about to be moved, and I can tell you it’ll be at least to two destiniations:

With much talk and confusion breaking loose, there needs to be someone to clear things up.

Ta-da, here I am! And here is what  has been going on as of late with Amar’e, Cleveland and Miami.



 Cleveland is without a doubt the front-runner. It is being said that Cleveland is offering Zydrunas Ilgauskas, JJ Hickson, and possibly a draft pick(s)/ and another small player (Danny Green, Jawad Williams).

So why hasn’t anything happened?

“The ball is in Phoenix’s court. The Suns are mulling whether the financial relief provided by Ilgauskas’s $12 million contract and the young and talented Hickson are enough for them to part with Stoudemire, ” according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Such a deal would help the Suns not only financially (they are $5 million over the luxury tax), but it would bring them a great young talent in JJ Hickson.

“The natural trade that makes sense here would be Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J. Hickson for Stoudemire. The Suns could also ask for draft picks, as the Cavs own their full slate of first-round picks in the future. The Cavs and Suns talked about Hickson in the O’Neal deal, but the Cavs wanted to keep him. So the Suns have a history of interest in Hickson. They also considered drafting him in 2008 but took Robin Lopez instead,”  according to Cavs beat writer, Brian Windhorst.


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Well now the Suns can get their man, and the Cavs can potentially obtain their difference maker. Not only is Stoudemire a monster in the paint, but he has two things the Cavs strongly need in another forward other than #23, a greatly developed mid-range jump shot, and an excellent pick & roll game.


Let’s not get TOO ahead of ourselves…

Cleveland may be the front-runner, but they have Philly, and Miami trailing not too far behind. Both Philadelphia and Miami have players that they could give up,which woul entice a much more “basketball” orientated deal for the Suns (something the Cavs have little of).

Miami has stated that everyone other than Wade, including Beasley, is available. But the issue with Miami is, is that they might not have the right contracts, and Phoenix isn’t too thrilled on the thought of picking up Beasley. Phoenix has also stated that they do not want to take on the horrible contract of Jermaine O’neal either. But Miami continues to try and find ways to being in STAT.

On the other hand, Philly has the one player Phoenix wants VERY bad, in Andre Iguodala. It has been reported that the Suns would ask for Iguodala, Dalembert and possibly a pick or two, in return for Amar’e and J-Rich.

Other than that, its being said that the Cavs have the best shot, and it just might be due to the fact that GM’s Ferry and Kerr were teammates and are great friends. But don’t be suprised if Cleveland needs to bring in a third team, in order to sweeten the deal for the Suns.

There were also other reports by News Herald, that Amar’e DID NOT want to come to Cleveland.

Since then, both Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst and Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wajnarowski have shot down such comments, and said the exact opposite by both stating that Stoudemire is fine with playing in Cleveland.

Need more sauce? Hear some great info from Broussard & Windhorst:

Amar’e Talk

So again, any deal with Cleveland would include JJ, Ilgauskas and possibly Wally (Cleveland owns his bird rights).

But there is always the speculation of the Shaq/Amar’e project:

“Of course, LeBron James is in the picture as a playmaker, but O’Neal and Stoudemire had Steve Nash, one of the greatest playmakers of this era, to help in Phoenix. So all of this could be simple posturing and due diligence from the Cavs. They’d have to be convinced the two could work together and that they would have a good chance of re-signing Stoudemire to go forward with it, ” according to Windhorst.


there’s fear among some members of the Cavs’ organization that, while Stoudemire would be a good long term pairing with LeBron, incorporating him on the floor with Shaq might present too difficult of an adjustment for the rest of the season…, according to

Well, Amar’e has tweeted on this stating:

“I play very well w/Shaq. I averaged more pts last year WITH him & played better D. You guys can stop saying we don’t play well together.”

So obviously Amar’e has shut down two things, one being that he would not like to play in Cleveland (false). And two, being that he and Shaq can co-exist.

According to ESPN, the Cavaliers feel that if such a deal were to be final, they will have secured LeBron past this summer. The organization also feels that they have all of the capability to also re-sign Amar’e for this summer and beyond.

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