NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers in 'The Fast and the Furious 6'

Tom DelamaterAnalyst IMarch 29, 2017

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s getting crazy out there in Rumorland, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are smack dab in the middle of it all.

In the midst of a frenzied week, GM Danny Ferry is fanning the flames of the NBA rumor mill by keeping several possibilities on the table as the trade deadline approaches.

Here are the latest things buzzing across the Internet as of midday Tuesday:

Cleveland has serious competition in the Amar’e Stoudemire sweepstakes, as the Miami Heat are reportedly stepping up their efforts to land the five-time All-Star. ESPN’s Marc Stein quotes a source as saying the Heat are “coming hard” after Stoudemire, even tossing Michael Beasley’s name into the mix.

This after Heat owner Micky Arison denied over the weekend that the team was shopping Beasley. He said the Heat wanted to keep Beasley for the long term, along with Dwayne Wade and Pat Riley.

If the Cavs can’t land Stoudemire? ESPN’s Chris Broussard suggests that Ferry is eyeing Corey Magette of the Golden State Warriors. The deal would supposedly involve Zydrunas Ilgauskas and a couple of others (for financial reasons)—possibly Danny Green of the Cavs and Devean George of the Warriors.

To that idea, Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer tweeted, “If Cavs talked to Warriors about Maggette it was part of 3-team scheme. Cavs already have a certain ball-dominating SF.”

In a separate article, Broussard suggested that Stoudemire would prefer Miami because he has a home there. He also said the Suns aren’t really interested in Beasley—or anyone else from the Heat, for that matter—meaning a three-way deal would be necessary for Miami to land Stoudemire.

Could Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala be the ticket? Possibly, but the three-way scenario might also play into Cleveland's hands, per Windhorst’s comment, above.

Meanwhile, Windhorst wrote that the Cavaliers haven’t yet made an aggressive offer for either Washington’s Antawn Jamison or Indiana’s Troy Murphy, both rumored to be on Ferry’s radar. At the same time, Windhorst reported that the Suns, because of the distraction caused by the trade rumors, might be compelled to complete a deal before their game in Memphis Tuesday night.

This contradicts Broussard’s premise that “it benefits the Suns to let the process play out until the last hours before Thursday’s deadline.”

Windhorst’s colleagues at the Plain Dealer have mixed views about a Stoudemire trade. Columnists Bill Livingston and Bud Shaw suggest it would help the Cavs, while Terry Pluto remains skeptical and indicates a preference for a role player like Murphy.

Pluto added some insights during the first portion of his weekly podcast , available at the Plain Dealer 's web site. He said that, judging from some comments, one would conclude the Cavs are a .500 team, instead of the one with the best record in the NBA. He also suggested that a deal may not be necessary at all.

Predictably, the comments sections on news sites across the country include a wide range of opinions about these and other trades. Perhaps the best one we saw appeared late Monday in response to Windhorst’s article, from someone with the user name “xsmoker”:

“This is torture. Get it done already!”

Amen, brother. But hey, this is fun, too.



- Stoudemire went for 21 and 10 Tuesday in a win over Memphis.

- Windhorst says the Cavs have ramped up talks for Jamison just in case the Stoudemire deal doesn't happen, then adds an interesting twist: Boston may be shopping Rasheed Wallace, possibly to make room for Jamison.

- The Washington Post and the Washington Times both report that Wiz GM remained tight-lipped about a Jamison deal; also, that Drew Gooden may be negotiating a buyout of his contract following his trade there over the weekend.

- Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports cites "sources" seven different times while reporting that the Cavs proposed deal with the Wizards now focuses on Ilgauskas and Jamario Moon for Jamison and Mike James.