Floyd Mayweather Jr. at Cowboys Stadium for NBA All-Star Weekend

ChristianContributor IFebruary 16, 2010

The current pound-for-pound No. 2, Floyd Jr., was present at the 59th All Star game held at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the same stadium where Pacquiao and Clottey will square off on Mar. 13 and was supposed to be the same venue for the failed Pacquiao-Mayweather super fight.

Floyd, along with his father Floyd Sr., was there to do two things: watch the star-studded All-Star game and promote his upcoming fight against Shane Mosley on May 1. As part of his pre-fight Hype, Floyd Jr. has always included the current pound-for-pound king, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and their failed fight. Just as always, he never fails to mention that it was Pacman who withdrew and was at fault for why the most anticipated fight of the decade broke down.

He also mentioned that if the fight should be revived, he will ask for the bigger share since he'll be fighting a better opponent (Mosley) as oppose to Pacquiao (Clottey). “Instead of 20 or 25 [million dollars], he may have to drop to 15, or 17,” Mayweather Jr. said. “And you know me, they may have to throw that extra five or 10 on mine, and we can rock and roll. Take it or leave it.”

I do not know how and why Mayweather Jr. came up with this conclusion about the fight purse but one thing is for sure, this will mean that the super fight will be more difficult than ever before. He has yet to beat Mosley and now he's talking about a Pacquiao fight. I think that's a little too conceited on Floyd Jr.'s part. Though this is really nothing new about Mayweather. He's always been capable of outdoing himself in terms of being over-confident, disrespectful, and proud. I do not think the word "manners" is part of the Mayweather vocabulary.

There's one question that I wanted to ask Floyd if only I was there on All-Star night. I want to know what he thinks about the Grand Cowboys stadium. He didn't want to fight there in the first place for reasons that I can only guess. Now that he's seen that the Stadium can easily be filled with 100,000 people, especially with his and Pacquiao's followings, I won't blame him if he'll have a change of heart and go for Dallas. Even on TV the place looks huge.